Large Enterprise RAID

Solutions include: RAID Arrays (RAID level 0, 1, 3, 5... with advanced features such as OS independent RAID, offsite & multi-site mirroring, dynamic expansion, fault tolerant RAID, snapshot, centralized control, etc...) SAN - Storage Area Networks, SAN backup solutions, fibre channel switches, fibre channel hubs, fibre channel host bus adapters and controllers, fibre channel tape libraries.

Large Enterprise RAID solutions provide the ultimate in terms of redundancy, growth, scalability and performance as well as offering a host of other advanced options. Such advanced options includes things like no single point of failure, 100% data availability garantee, non-disruptive expansion and upgrades ...

In addition, our large scale RAID solutions benefit from various software and firmware options which enhances the capabilities of these units. Such options includes mirroring capabilities between multiple sites, volume replication, heterogeneous management and administration, performance enhancement options ...

    Hitachi RAID

    RAID array    RAID array

  • As the foundation of an intelligent information infrastructure, the Lightning 9900 V and 9900 Series, and Thunder 9500 V and 9200 Series storage systems provide enterprises with the availability, scalability, and performance needed to transform data into business knowledge.