Protecting NetWorker with Automated Availability Manager

Automated Availability Manager (AAM) provides the following unique capabilities for keeping NetWorker services available:

    Comprehensive Data Zone Protection

    Covers NetWorker Server and NetWorker Client systems. Note that NetWorker Server 6.0 can be run with NetWorker Client versions previous to 6.0, all supportable with Availability Manager.

    Heterogeneous Data Zone Protection

    Covers NetWorker Server and NetWorker Client systems on mixed platforms and data storage. In this type of deployment, Availability Manager provides a single management console across all platform types.

    Custom Perl Scripting Benefits

    Custom monitoring of library and tape devices, and automated corrective actions.

    Custom handling of NetWorker Save Sets, to optimize backup performance by increasing parallelism.

    Custom monitoring and optimization of NetWorker Storage Nodes, to avoid failed nodes and distribute Save Sets for faster data backup.

Features & Benefits

    Monitoring and restart of NetWorker services on the same system rather than requiring a secondary server.

    Monitoring and re-assignment of IP addresses from one NIC to a second NIC on the server, rather than forcing NetWorker failover to a second server.

    Failover of NetWorker services to a second server, should that be required to keep them available.

    Restart of NetWorker Save Sets upon failure, to eliminate manual restart to restart backup processes.

    Cascading failover from server to server across multiple servers, to protect against multiple failures.