Managed Server HSM for Novell Netware Novell Netware

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Nearly all companies are experiencing an explosion in the demand for storage, driven particularly by space hungry applications like CAD, multimedia, computer graphics, document imaging, email and, last but not least, user-controlled directories. Meeting the demand for increased storage is only one aspect of this problem. Managing the data intelligently, growing the storage infrastructure cost-effectively and providing users with immediate access to all of their files are the real challenges.

Managed Server HSM provides a simple, cost-effective solution for managing the complexities of data storage management. Combine Managed Server HSM with your production servers and a host of off-the-shelf storage devices: NAS appliances, general purpose servers, etc. The result is a finely tuned data storage resource that enables virtually infinite storage growth, increased data availability, with a minimal amount of effort and expense. As storage requirements increase, additional storage devices can be simply added to the pool.

Fig. 1 Network clients transparently access added storage through existing production servers whether attached locally or remotely. Production servers utilizing SAN storage or direct-attached storage share, equally, the benefits of Managed Server HSM.

Managed Server HSM enables the administrator to configure usage of the “virtual” Central Storage Pool behind the scenes of the users. Users continue to read and write files to the same servers, volumes and folders as they always have. In the background, Managed Server HSM, based on policies set by its administrators, monitors volume watermarks and dynamically compares against real-time storage utilization to make decisions about migrating files that are infrequently accessed. Migrated file candidates are transparently relocated to the Central Storage Pool (usually in off-peak hours).

Key Features of Managed Server HSM

  • Aggregates multiple storage resources (general purpose servers, NAS devices, etc.) into one “virtual” Central Storage Pool
  • Automates file migration and retrieval
  • Provides immediate and seamless access to migrated files
  • Installs easily and quickly with no required server downtime
  • Requires minimal IT intervention allowing for easy implementation
  • Enables full administrative control over migration activity via comprehensive policy maintenance

Benefits of Managed Server HSM

  • Extends the life of existing IT storage investment by postponing the necessity for expensive server/storage upgrade decisions
  • Prevents costly downtime related to “out of disk space” conditions
  • Increases data availability by migrating infrequently accessed files where they remain available; instead of users or administrators deleting or archiving them
  • Reduces the time to backup production files and, more importantly, reduces the time needed to recover a failed server; once again preventing costly downtime
  • Installs and configures quickly and easily without overloading IT resources


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