Storage Server HSM for Novell Netware Novell Netware


Storage Server is the near-line enabling software for the central shared storage pool. It provides similar policy management for its data volumes, except that it facilitates the movement of your data from on-line availability to near-line libraries and jukeboxes and then through those devices the media may be moved to an archive state. (This product currently supports magneto optical jukeboxes and media. Future releases will offer support on tape and DVD as well.)

Storage Server HSM adds services to Novellís NetWare platform by providing a comprehensive storage solution for your data. A hierarchical storage management of files is achieved when Storage Server HSM automatically moves files to an optical jukebox. The automatic movement is called migration.

The system administrator places new or existing files in those NetWare directories designated for migration. Users access the files using standard NetWare file system commands. The management of the files is transparent to users and applications. The location of each file is tracked, so users do not need to know where or how the files migrate to optical. When a user requests a file that has moved to an optical disk in the jukebox, it is retrieved automatically. To the user, it appears that the file never moved from the directory where it originated. If the file is located on an off-line optical media, the user will receive an operation error, e.g., access or permission is denied and the Storage Server HSM sends a broadcast message prompting you to mount the requested optical media so the user can open the file. The migration environment is created through a utility called Storage Server HSM Console.

The Storage Server HSM is essentially a pair of NetWare Volume magnifiers.

Storage Server HSM Migration Features

  • Media spanning (virtually unlimited storage)
  • lMigration of data in an existing directory structure
  • Migration of files based on archive bit, file size and file age
  • Off-line media, i.e., ability to remove the media from the jukebox without losing the ability to retrieve the files on the media
  • Multiple profile migration, i.e., the ability to migrate from more than one migration profile to the jukebox simultaneously
  • Minimum RAM requirement as the optical disks are not mounted as NetWare volumes