UnyStor API - Optical storage management software Linux Unix Microsoft Windows
Supports: Magneto-Optical (MO), CD, DVD and Tape

As integrators, VARs and end-users plan and implement storage solutions, either locally or for a customer; the need to provide a complete package is becoming commonplace. An API, Application Program Interface, facilitates a path to integrate front-end applications with the UnyStor software. Whether trapping error messages or issuing low-level jukebox calls, UnyStor API provides the catalyst between the softwares.

Features and Benefits

UnyStor API incorporates the following features:

Low-Level Device Inquires
With UnyStor API, companies can make low-level SCSI queries to the jukebox controller and/or the drives. All standard SCSI-2 commands can be passed through the QSCSI driver directly to the device.

Jukebox Control
Optical platters, CDs, DVDs and tapes can be manipulated in their jukebox by passing through the jukebox management module. This allows for greater control of the managed devices as well as the ability to, in some cases, write out native filesystems to optical platters and DVD disks.

Request and Error Trapping
An application, utilizing UnyStor API, can trap error codes and requests for human intervention. Once obtained, the application can decide on the best course of action.

Seamless Integration
By utilizing the API, the UnyStor software is invisible to the customer. All the commands can be linked within an application such that it looks as if it is running the jukebox.

Expert Help
API customers get the best help offered, right from the developers of the software. Let UnyStor API help you with your integration.

Technology Supported

The UnyStor API software supports the follwing technologies:

   Magneto-Optical (MO) / CD / DVD / Tape