UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD - Optical storage management software Linux Unix Microsoft Windows
Supports: CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

With the proliferation of CDs and DVDs in the data storage environment, the need to efficiently manage them has become greater than ever before. UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD provides the degree of control and performance essential to provide fast access to your company information. Caching technology, minimizing mount points and providing ease of management of varying CD and DVD types makes UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD the obvious choice to control your disk storage.

Features and Benefits

UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD incorporates the following features:

Standards Based Formats
UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD supports the ISO 9660 standard together with Rock Ridge and Microsoft extensions as well as the Universal Disk Format (UDF). This ensures that long file name support and compatibility are available in a variety of operating environments.

Multi Disk Sets
By allowing multiple CDs or DVDs to be grouped together, a reduced number of mount points or drive letters are required. Within a disk set, each CD or DVD may be seen as a sub-directory, or they may be grouped within sub-directories.

Full Directory Caching
By caching the directory structures of all of the CDs and DVDs, performance is increased by eliminating the need to repeatedly access the jukebox. Directory caching of disks provides off-line data management for CDs and DVDs, which can then be removed from the jukebox.

Full Media Caching
UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD can cache an entire CD or DVD if required; meaning the disk no longer has to reside in the jukebox for the data to be available to the users. This feature may be used for individual disks or by default on all of them.

Set Management
CDs and DVDs may be added and removed from disk sets while the set is mounted. When using off-line volume management, UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD will prompt for media to be added and removed from jukeboxes as needed.

Technology Supported

The UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD storage management software supports the follwing technologies: