UnyStor HSM - Optical storage management software Linux Unix Microsoft Windows
Supports: Magneto-Optical (MO), DVD-RAM and Tape

The UnyStor HSM storage management software lets you access your optical jukebox and/or tape library as a standard Disk Storage device. Your optical jukebox or tape-library will appear as an extension of your standard Windows or Unix file system.

You can access any portion of your jukebox, with partitions as small as a single surface and as large as the entire jukebox (or anything in between), via a simple "drive letter" assignment. Similarly with a tape-library, the entire library can be accessed as one 'drive-letter' or you can sub-divide the library which can be assigned multiple logical drive names. Accessing data is completely transparent to users and existing applications - and it is no more difficult than accessing a network disk. The storage management software transparently provides access to data in the optical jukebox or tape library.

UnyStor HSM provides you with the degree of control and performance required for fast access to your company's information. It achieves this by using caching technology, by minimizing mount points and by providing ease of management of varying optical/CD types. UnyStor HSM is also built with the reliability to let you entrust your valuable data to a variety of media such optical, CD, DVD or tape. UnyStor HSM provides you with portability among platforms and operating systems. It also provides you with complete independence of the archival media. Finally, UnyStor HSM now gives you the ability to control on which type of media and how different types of your important data can be stored. You can now move your data to the storage device you decide and perform real information management.

Features and Benefits

UnyStor HSM incorporates the following features:

Single volume view
Multiple pieces of archival media may be combined to create single logical volumes that span the media boundaries. With the appearance of a standard magnetic disk, access to the data stored in the volume is entirely transparent to users and their applications

Off Line Volume Tracking
By providing a mechanism to track media outside of the jukebox, logical volumes may grow beyond the available on-line capacity. With the entire filespan directory structure cached for easy data selection, prompts are made for the retrieval off-line media.

Automated Data Migration
With automatic data migration, you can be sure the data is being stored securely at all times and is available when you need it. UnyStor HSM utilizes both high speed magnetic disk and secure archival media to provide the optimal combination of performance and security for your data.

Transaction Logging Cache
The cache implements full "transaction logging technology" for improved reliability and speedy recovery in the event of a system failure. Combined with UnyStor HSM improved directory archive management, data access downtime is significantly reduced.

Schedule Archiving
Archiving may be scheduled to to take place hourly, daily, or monthly and at any particular point in time to suit the business operations, thus providing the ability to tune the system to achieve maximum productivity. A high water mark overrides the schedule to ensure the cache never becomes too full with un-archived cache.

On Line Backup and Restore
With a complete self describing filesystem written to the secure archival media, and data migrated continuously and incrementally, the risk of data loss and the need for daily backups is removed. With UnyStor HSM's on-line restore, previous versions of archival data may be recovered.

Media Transportation
With either our Standard Data Format (SDF), the fast alternative to the Universal Data Format (UDF), the logical volumes created may be physically transported between different UNIX platforms, and even across to Windows NT.

Advanced Features
The Copy Disk utility makes an exact duplicate of media in a set allowing for safe storage of data at an offsite location. This utility can be set to run automatically on a per set basis or manually per disk. The Data Compaction utility reclaims blocks after modifying or deleting files, making full use of the storage media. And, with an intelligent built in Scheduler, both Copy Disk and Data Compaction, as well as archiving and media erasing, can be scheduled to run at specific times of the day.

Technology Supported

The UnyStor HSM storage management software supports the follwing technologies:

   Magneto-Optical (MO) / DVD-RAM / Tape