4mm (DDS) tape libraries / jukeboxes solutions

Unylogix offer 4mm / DDS based tape libraries based on the well established DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3 or the latest DDS-4 drive. DDS is often referred to as DAT or 4mm technology.

Small 4mm jukebox/library solution: less than 10 tapes

UN4-320   AUTOLOADER EXTERNAL DDS-4 (capacity: 160Gb native/ 320Gb compressed)
* UN4-192 Autoloader with DDS-3 also available (capacity: 96Gb native / 192Gb compressed)

  • For larger DAT/DDS data storage backup requirements, Unylogix offers the UN4-192 & UN4-320. The UN4-192 combines an 8-cartridge magazine along with a DDS-3 drive, and it provides an immediate, cost-effective solution for the storage needs of larger networks, workstations, and server environments. The UN4-320 uses DDS-4 drives for even larger capacity.

  • Large GByte Storage Capacity: offers a maximum storage capacity of 96 GBytes native or 192 GBytes (2:1 compressed) when using 8 DDS-3 cartridges loaded in a removable magazine OR 160 GBytes native/ 320 Gbytes compressed when using the DDS-4 model
  • High Speed Data Transfer Rate: the precise control of the drum rotation makes it possible to achieve the fastest data transfer rate among DDS-3 Drives (1.2MBytes without compression, 2.4MBytes with compression). The DDS-4 drive doubles the speed to 4.8MBytes/sec
  • Wide LCD Screen: the wide, easy-to-read new LCD screen displays the following information:Drive Information (model name, F/W ver, etc.), Loader Status (magazine load/eject, move, etc.), Drive Status (read, write, tape motion, etc.), Error/Warning (loader error code, drive error code, etc.) and Menu System (language, orientation, contrast, etc.)
  • Unique Push Transport Mechanism: designed to eliminate the reliability problems of conventional pull-in mechanisms
  • Mean Swap before Failure Rating: is an exceptional rating of more than 185,000 cycles


  • Drive Type: 5.25" full-height DDS tape autoloader with DDS drive and removable 8-cartridge magazine, horizontal/vertical mount possible
  • Media
  • 125 m DDS-3 compatible data cartridge
  • 120 m DDS-2 compatible data cartridge
  • 90/60 m DDS compatible data cartridge
  • Interface: SCSI -2 FAST/Narrow, Single-Ended
  • Capacity
  • 96 GBytes with 125 m data cartridge (compression disabled)
  • 192 GBytes with 125 m data cartridge (2:1 compressed)
  • Sustained transfer rate (UN4-192)
  • 1.2MBytes/s (compression disabled)
  • 2.4MBytes/s (2:1 compressed)
  • Burst transfer rate
  • Asynchronous: 5.0 Mbytes/s Max
  • Synchronous: 10.0 MBytes/s Max
  • Indicators: LCD menu display, 2 LEDs (tape busy) 3 push buttons (select, enter, eject)
  • Search speed: Approx. 200 times nominal read/write speed
  • Linear recording density: 122,000 bpi
  • Recording block length: Variable or fixed
  • Average access time
  • Cartridge Orientation: 90 sec (typical)
  • Cartridge Swap: 50 sec (SCSI, typical)
  • Drum rotation speed: 4,252 rpm
  • Buffer size: 2 MBytes

  • MTBF: Autoloader: 185,000 POH (duty 20%)
  • MSBF: 180,000 cycles
  • Uncorrectable error rate: Less than 1015 bits

  • Power requirements
  • DC 5V± 5% 1.3A (typical) or less than 2.9A (max)
  • DC 12V ± 10% 0.3A (typical) or less than 1.5A (max.)
  • Power consumption: 10.1VA (typical) or less than 32.5VA (max.)
  • Operating temperature
  • internal: 5°C-40°C (41°F- 104°F)
  • external: 5°C-35°C (41°F- 95°F)
  • Storage temperature: -40°C-60°C (-35°F- 140°F)
  • Operating humidity: 20%-80% (Non-Condensing)
  • Storage humidity: 10%-90% (Non Condensing)
  • Max. wetbulb temperature: 26°C
  • Vibration
  • Operating: 5-500Hz, 0.25G
  • Non-Operating: 5-500Hz, 0.5G
  • Shock
  • Operating: 5.0G peak half sign wave of 3 msec duration
  • Non-Operating: 90G peak half sign wave of 3 msec duration

  • DDS: ANSI X3. 203, X3. 206 ISO/IEC-10777, ECMA-139
  • DDS-DC: ISO/IEC-DIS 115587 ECMA-150
  • DCLZ: ISO/IEC-DIS 11558 ECMA-151
  • DDS-2: ECMA-198
  • DDS-3: ECMA-T.B.D
  • 11 lbs (w/o magazine)
  • 5.75" (W) x 3.25" (H) x 9.51" (D)

  • UN4-MZ800: 8-cartridge magazine
  • User's manual


  • UNL-MZ800
    Removable magazine for Unylogix DDS Autoloader stores 8 cartridges (Cartridges not included). One magazine is supplied with the autoloader, and additional magazines are sold as accessories.
  • UN4125M
    DDS-3 or DDS-4 Data Cartridges
  • UN-5CLA
    Cleaning Cartridge

Large 4mm jukebox/library solution: up to 60 tapes

BullFrog Automated Tape Libraries

With scalability of up to four drives and forty cartridges, the BullFrog family of tape library solutions deliver tremendous capacity (1.8 terabytes with DDS-3) in a compact, easy-to-use device. Additional features like an optional Fibre Channel interface and split-mode operation -- which allows a single tape libary to function as two separate libraries -- makes the BullFrog an extremely powerful and flexible option for today's datacenter.

BullFrog users can start with a single-drive, 20-cartridge library at an entry-level price. As needs increase, you can add additional drives (up to four), buy a 20 cartridge carousel upgrade (40-cartridges total), and add a barcode reader. If you have a Storage Area Network in your future, the AIT BullFrog is also available with a Fibre Channel interface.

  • Easy upgrade paths for extra capacity, improved performance and fibre channel interface simplify planning for the future.
  • A touch screen LCD control panel provides menu-driven access to robotics and diagnostics.
  • Optional barcode reader for automated media management
  • High capacity library fits in seven inches of rack space

DDS-3 BullFrog (Spectra 5000):

Spectra 5000/60
    • Capacity: 1.8 TB at 2.5:1 compression, 720 GB native.
    • One to Four Drives (Sony SDT-9000)
    • 58 slots plus one for each uninstalled drive (61 slots, one drive; 60 slots, two drives; 59 slots, three drives; 58 slots, four drives).
    Spectra 5000/40
    • Capacity: 1.2 TB at 2.5:1 compression, 480 GB native.
    • One to Four Drives (Sony SDT-9000)
    • 40 slots
    Spectra 5000/20
    • Capacity: 600 GB at 2.5:1 compression, 240 GB native.
    • One to Four Drives (Sony SDT-9000)
    • 20 slots.