8mm (Exabyte) tape libraries / jukeboxes solutions

Unylogix offers tape libraries based on Exabyte's 8mm tape technology, including the latest Mammoth2 technology.   Offering one of the highest capacities on the market today, these tape jukeboxes provide with great solutions for data intensive environments.

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Exabyte Tape Library Family

Mammoth Ready!

Exabyte offers a complete family of 8mm libraries from the EZ17 (one drive, 7 cartridges) to the X200 (2 to 10 drives and 40 to 200 cartridges, stores up to 30 TB). 

As the worlds leading manufacturer of 8mm drives, Exabyte has ensured that their libraries are compatible with the widest possible range of backup software products. 

For more information on the Exabyte family of 8mm tape libraries, click here or select a model below: 

Exabyte Authorized Library Reseller
Unylogix Technologies is an Exabyte Authorized Library Reseller

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