AIT, SuperAIT, DLT, SuperDLT and LTO tape libraries / jukeboxes


Spectra Logic manufactures a complete line of automated tape library solutions. With products ranging in capacity from hundreds of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes, Spectra Logic tape libraries deliver performance, reliability, scalability and unparalleled storage density.

All of these tape library products have been designed to help give you a maximum return on your tape library investment.

Spectra 2000 series - AIT Spectra 2000 series
Based on the Treefrog architecture
15 or 30 tape slot capacity
1 or 2 AIT drives.
Up to 7.8 TB of storage
Up to 225 Gb / hour transfer rate
Spectra 10000 series - AIT Spectra 10000 series
Based on the Bullfrog architecture
With 20 or 40 cartridges
Up to 4 AIT tape drives
Over 10.4 TB of storage
Up to 449 Gb / hour transfer rate

Gator family Gator family Gator family
Modules can be swapped quickly and easily

Up to 200 cartridges & 8 tape drives Up to 104 TB capacity
1797 GB / hr transfer rate (AIT-3)

Large model
Up to 640 cartridges & 32 tape drives Up to 166 TB capacity
3594 GB / hr transfer rate (AIT-3)
T120 Tape Library T 120
Enterprise-class reliability and management, all in an affordable mid-range library
Up to 655 TB (S-AIT)
Up to 500 slots

T950 Tape Library T 950
Enterprise library with lowest TCO Highest storage density in industry All redundant components with failover fibre-channel I/F
Up to 8 petabytes (S-AIT)
From 100 to 6150 cartridges
2 Gb Fibre Channel
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity