Tandem Non-Stop Tape Drives

Every feature to be found on a genuine Tandem/Compaq/HP Non-Stop Tape Solution can be found on a our tape subsystem, giving plug and play with Tandem's NonStop Kernel operating system and full compatibility with the Himalaya S- and K- series.

Now it is even easier to upgrade your Tape solutions from K-Series to S-Series.

Controllers Supported: 3214, 3216, MFC

Tape Emulation: 5170, 5190, 5194, 5141, 5145

Single Drive
Each unit has an easy to understand display and is available in either black or white. No software or set-up is required. Once it is plugged in, the unit is ready.
Dual Drive
With a Dual Drive unit Tape Mirroring, Cascading, Autoswitching and Off-Line Copy features are all selectable options from the informative front panel.
Partitioned AIT
Our unique multi-partitioned AIT tape feature is ideal for TMF dumps. Up to 64 equal partitions can be formatted onto a single cartridge, the cartridge will then be available to store up to 64 TMF dumps. If partitions are not required a fast unattended backup is available by using an unformatted cartridge
  • High Capacity.
  • Fast access to data for restore.
  • K- and S- Series compatibility.
  • Efficient use of cartridge for many small backups..

Technical Specifications

Tabletop & Rackmount Models
Housed in new StackStorage enclosures, our subsystems have a sturdy internal steel chassis that safeguards sensitive electronic components while providing a strong framework on which to stack enclosures. Units interlock in either a horizontal or vertical position. Additionally, factory-configured rack-mountable subsystems are available, or you can do it yourself with our StackStorage conversion kit.

Informative Front Panel Display
Using straightforward text and graphics, the integrated front panel LCD shows you the tape drive's activity. With a glance you can determine the remaining and consumed capacities of a tape, how fast the data is transferring and confirm that your backup operation is working. Each data element updates every four seconds, so all information is current.

Dual Drive with MultiFunction Technology
Dual-drive units incorporate our MultiFunction technology, allowing sophisticated backup operations such as:

  • Off-line tape replication: lets you make integral copies of your tapes for offsite storage - simply insert original tape in tape-drive #1, blank-tape in tape-drive #2, press button and replicate your tape.
  • Tape mirroring: creates two sets or exact copy of your backup tape in real-time - in the same time that it takes to write one tape, it will write the exact same information to both drives simultaneously.
  • Concatenation or cascade mode: both drives appear 'concatenated' to provide the equivalent of one continuous unit - backups start on tape-1 and then continue automatically & seamlessly on tape-2 once tape-1 fills up, so it is like having a 2-tape autoloader.
  • Striping: stripe data to both drives effectively doubling transfer rate and capacity.
    And all the above features are implemented using a single SCSI ID and one connection to your server (except for the Off-line tape replication which does not require server connection and can work as a standalone device) - saving you both time and money.

    Configuration Flexibility
    Our tape subsystems are optimized for use on all Tandem NSK platforms. We can configure a custom tape solution to your unique Tandem environment using a wide variety of tape technologies and configurations.

    Himalaya K-Series
    When connecting subsystems to a K-Series server, either the Tandem multifunction controller (MFC), 3214 tape controller, or 3216 fiber-optic tape controller can be used.

    Himalaya S-Series
    When connecting subsystems to an S-Series server, the SCSI tape ports on the processor and I/O multifunction units (PMF and IOMF), or the fiber plug-in card and SCSI plug-in card (FPIC and SPIC) on the ServerNet/DA can be used.

    Easy Migration from K- to S-Series
    Our series of tape solutions emulate standard Tandem tape drives as plug-and-play replacements. With any of our systems, we appear to the host as a 5170 or a 519x solution. This means that as you move to S-Series, our tape drives can move with you.

    Compatible with other CPUs We also supply plug-and-play tape solutions for:

    • Windows 3.x/95/98/NT
    • Novell
    • Macintosh
    • UNIX
    • AIX
    • IBM OS/400
    • Digital UNIX and VMS
  • Configurations
    SubsystemsTabletop, Rackmount, Dual-drive
    Autoloaders DLT from 4 to 15 tapes
    AIT from 12 to 22 tapes
    Partitioned AIT up to 1408 logical tapes online
    8mm 7 to 22 tapes
    4mm 6 to 18 tapes
    LibrariesFrom 2 to 12 drives
    From 10 to 588 tapes
    From 400 GB to over 40 TB
    Dual-driveMirroring, Striping, Cascading, Off-Line Copy
    OtherEasy-to-understand LCD
    Stackable (up to six units)
    Integrated devices easily daisy chain
    Universal power supply
    Tape Technologies
    DLT4000, 7000 and 8000
    AITAIT-1 and AIT-2
    Partitioned AIT (multiple volumes per tape)
    8mmEliant 820 and Mammoth 8900
    4mmDDS-2, DDS-3 and DDS-4
    System Requirements
    HardwareAny NonStop Himalaya, Cyclone, or CLX 800 server
    SoftwareTandem NonStop Kernel, any supported software release, D20.02 or later (K-series) or G02 or later (S-series)
    Tandem 5170, 5190/5194/5196
    Data Cartridges, Cleaning Cartridges, Cables and Terminators