NetWorker for NetWare - Version 4.2

Key NetWare Protection

NetWorker for NetWare provides you with an automated, centrally managed, robust solution for protecting NetWare data in heterogeneous or NetWare-only storage environments, including NetWare 4.x, 5.x, and Novell's recent platform release, NetWare 6.

Version 4.2 of NetWorker for NetWare has been re-engineered to deliver highly reliable protection with less management overhead, and to fully exploit capabilities inherent in Novell NetWare. NetWorker for NetWare is uniquely capable of working as a backup server for NetWare protection. It also serves as a backup client in environments desiring the full performance of NetWorker 6.x, and adds support for extended file names, volume sizes to 8 TB, eDirectory files, and the ability to automate client installs. NetWorker for NetWare also includes SnapShotServer for NetWare, enabling error-free protection of open files or live databases and greater control of backup operations.

NetWorker for NetWare is a key solution component for businesses that wish to lower operational costs without compromising protection of NetWare storage assets.

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Features & Benefits

Unique Client or Server Capability for Comprehensive Novell Protection

    Performs as a backup server for NetWare-only environments

    Performs as client in heterogeneous environments to deliver full performance capabilities of NetWorker

Supports Key Novell Features

    Large volumes up to 8TB

    eDirectory file structure (Novell Directory Services)

    Long file names

    Large volumes (NSS) up to 8 terabytes

    Enables complete NetWare integration and up-to-date feature support

Highly Compatible

    Supports multiple releases of NetWare from 4.x to 6.0

Bundled with SnapShotServer for NetWare

    Allows multiple intra day snapshots to be taken and backed up during off hours to minimize

    Ideal for environments using StandbyServer

Snapshot Capability

    SnapShotServer for Netware allows intra day volume snapshots to be taken and backed up at a later time

    Allows open files to be backed up

NetWorker Administration Integration

    Support for NetWorker 4.2 for NetWare (clients only) is enhanced with the use of NetWorker Administration

    Gives centralized management and control to the NetWorker environment