NetWorker Related Products and Add Ons

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NetWorker DiskBackup
NetWorker DiskBackup delivers fast, disk-based backup and recovery, maximizing the protection of mission-critical information and reducing downtime. NetWorker DiskBackup enables enterprises to simplify data protection operations, consolidate storage resources, and reduce management overhead.

NetWorker Client for Linux on the Mainframe
NetWorker Client for Linux on the Mainframe (NCLM) provides automated, robust backup and recovery of business-critical Linux data on the IBM zSeries and S/390 mainframes. NCLM ensures fast, reliable, "lights out" protection for tens to thousands of Linux Virtual Machines (VM) on a single mainframe in DAS or SAN environments.

Legato NetWorker for Netware
NetWorker for NetWare provides you with an automated, centrally managed, robust solution for protecting NetWare data in heterogeneous or NetWare-only storage environments. NetWorker for NetWare has been design to fully exploit capabilities inherent in NetWare.