Novell NetWare Backup Software Novell Netware

Unylogix delivers the software, solutions, and services for Novell NetWare that protect and make available the business critical information that customers need to succeed in today's competitive environment. Browse the links below to see more about Legato NetWorker, and various tools that centralize backup and recovery tasks.

  • Legato NetWorker for Netware

    NetWorker for NetWare provides you with an automated, centrally managed, robust solution for protecting NetWare data in heterogeneous or NetWare-only storage environments. NetWorker for NetWare has been design to fully exploit capabilities inherent in NetWare.

  • Off Site Archive

    OFFSite Archive for NetWare is a disaster recovery solution, which creates a point-in-time recovery image of data at another location. In the event of a local disaster, the remote system can be used to quickly recover the primary serverís critical data and network services.

  • SnapShotServer

    SnapShotServer for NetWare gives you centralized control of the backup process. By capturing live data at any time of day, you can backup open files or live databases at your convenience.

  • StandbyServer

    StandbyServer for NetWare allows you to protect data and applications running on several NetWare servers. StandbyServer provides high speed mirroring transfers information via a dedicated network, without adding any additional traffic to your production LAN.

  • StandbyServer Many-to-One

    StandbyServer Many-to-One for NetWare provides up-to-the-moment data protection without the data latency or loss problems associated with file copy-based solutions. StandbyServer insures data availability and reliability in the case of failures and eliminates downtime.