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NetWare Failover High-Availability

StandbyServer for NetWare is the comprehensive high-availability solution for NetWare networks with various server configurations, allowing you to protect data and applications running on several NetWare servers. High speed mirroring transfers information via a dedicated network, without adding any additional traffic to your production LAN. If a server fails the Standby machine takes over almost immediately, with no service interruption to your customers.
StandbyServer Many-to-One now includes SnapShotServer software for “point in time” system images. Make StandbyServer your high-availability solution today!

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Server Downtime Is Not An Option!
When access to your mission-critical information relies on access to your NetWare server, downtime is not an option for even a few minutes, much less hours!

With StandbyServer for NetWare, downtime never has to be an option. StandbyServer provides a hardware independent high-availability solution that replicates your NetWare servers. A StandbyServer connects to one or more primary servers using a standard link to mirror data between the networked machines. This creates a fully redundant environment that protects users against unnecessary downtime.

Does Not Require An Identical Server
StandbyServer allows companies to extend the life of older equipment. Existing equipment can be configured as the standby machine which allows for older or dissimilar servers to be used.

Connects Into Your Current Network Infrastructure
Using standard protocols, data can be routed within your existing network. A dedicated high-speed link is recommended to handle the replication traffic among the servers.

Seamless Failover
Within moments of detecting a failure of a primary server, the StandbyServer will automatically begin to assume the role and identity of that primary server. Users will continue to connect to the network through the primary server as if the primary server had not failed.

RAID Capable
Novell Storage Services (NSS) volumes can take advantage of a shared RAID implementation. Primary and standby machines utilize storage space by sharing and connecting to a single external RAID peripheral device. This is an economical solution when large amounts of data need to be protected. RAID can be implemented using shared SCSI, fiber channel, or other shared storage configurations.

Constant Monitoring
The StandbyServer constantly monitors the status of the primary servers over both the dedicated and network heartbeat links. These multiple checks avoid inadvertent failovers to the designated standby machine caused by a client network or communications problem. If the primary server has failed, the designated standby machine automatically assumes the role and identity of the primary server. Failure notification to network users and administrators can be achieved using SNMP messaging services.

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Support
   Transaction-based solution with no data latency (real-time mirroring)
   Inter-operates with all other third-party NetWare server based applications and services

   High-availability for all corporate NetWare configurations
   Automatic failover
   StandbyServers do not need to be identical to the primary servers.
   Eliminates downtime from planned and unplanned maintenance

   Works with NetWare 4.x, 5.x or 6.x
   Supports NSS Volumes
   Works with industry-standard hardware
   Operates with all software that runs on NetWare

   Provides multiple solutions for different corporate-wide configurations
   Functions in a single server or clustered server environment
   One-to-many functionality
   Machines can be connected to a single RAID device instead of duplicating disk space

Solid History
   Premier high-availability application in the NetWare marketplace

Secure, Advanced Functionality
   Server management and data security utilities
   Point-in-time backup facilitator for clustered server environments


  • Two or more machines capable of running NetWare 4.x, 5.x, or 6.x

  • Hardware need not be identical, but each machine must have a NetWare-certified network adapter

  • Additional adapters for the dedicated link

  • Disk devices in the standby machine must be supported by NetWare drivers (they do not need to be identical to the disk devices in the primary server)

  • NetWare mirroring requirements apply when using StandbyServer. For instance, hard drives in the machines may be different sizes, but mirrored partition sizes must be identical. Familiarity with NetWare mirroring increases your ability to optimize the features of StandbyServer.