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UltraBac Software has been in the backup software business for nearly 20 years: originally with solutions for mini-computers, such as Wang, and since mid-90's with the release of UltraBac for Windows NT. Ultrabac has focused on delivering the fastest, easiest-to-use backup and disaster recovery software. Complete protection of your business systems -- guaranteeing your critical information is always available -- is our business.

UltraBac Software's #1 goal is customer satisfaction, believing the people behind the product are as important as the software itself. UltraBac Software's technical support professionals are motivated to answer any question and resolve whatever issue you may have, in the most efficient way possible.

UltraBac's technicians have set the industry standard for technical support with average hold times of less than three minutes!

UltraBac Software has built its reputation on quality backup products, and takes the "disaster" out of disaster recovery. Let Ultrabac help you safeguard your company's data.

  • UltraBac Overview and Features

    UltraBac 7 was developped from the ground up to take advantage of the latest operating systems (Windows XP and 2000), and incorporates a host of new features such as FTP Device for directing backups to FTP servers, integration with Tivoli, greater support for heterogeneous network, expanded support for client systems, etc... This, along with a new modular code structure to facilitate future enhancements, make Ultrabac one of the best Windows based backup solution on the market.

  • UltraBac 7.x Backup Features

    UltraBac 7.x has now the ability to use any FTP server or IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) as storage devices for UltraBac backup and restore operations. The new features and updates allow organizations to easily store data offsite or centralize data from remote site backups, with a more distributed application and better application manageability.

  • UltraBac Modules and Bundles

    These modules and bundles include Exchange 2000 Agent, Backup Wizard, Active Cluster Server Backup with failover, compressed disk-to-disk backup, proprietary Locked File Backup Agent, Remote/Local Server Agent, Storage Device Manager, Remote Administration, ...