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Today, backup and recovery is more important than ever. According to Giga Information Group, disaster recovery and business-resumption or continuity planning is a top CIO priority. Downtime and lack of a disaster recovery plan is no longer accepted. So whether you are running a complicated network of multiple operating systems and thousands of clients, smaller network with only a handful of clients, or a standalone PC you require an award winning simple application that is easy to install and 100% guaranteed to backup and restore your data, offering 100% data integrity and integrated crash/bare metal recovery.

Backup Professional is an enterprise backup and disaster recovery software solution, providing high performance, backup and recovery for a single system or wide variety of systems across a simplistic or complex network.

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Crash or Disaster Recovery with Backup Professional:

BareMetal Plus provides bare metal disaster recovery for over 20 operating systems along with backup and recovery bundled into the product.

BareMetal Plus permits restore of your system without having to reinstall the operating system, without having to reinstall and reconfigure your backup software. Permits crash recovery via a bootable floppy after a disk crash, works for networked PCs and systems.

BareMetal Plus replaces the former System Crash Air-Bag for various Unix platforms, Solaris Air-Bag for Solaris and PC Parachute for Windows crash recovery. BareMetal Plus provides crash recovery and backup solution within one product.