Data Interchange Tape Drives
   (Half-Inch and Quarter-Inch Tape Drives)

Unylogix offers a complete range of half-inch tape drives in both traditional reel to reel (9 track) and 3480 (18 track), 3490 (18 track with compression) and 3490E (36 track) "square tape". Drives are available with SCSI or Pertec interface to allow attachment to almost any system type. We also offer quarter-inch tape drives with SCSI interfaces.
Half-Inch SCSI interface tape units are available with embedded emulation firmware (e.g. IBM 9348) to allow direct connection to systems which only support proprietary tape devices.

We also offer data interchange software to allow the transfer of data from one platform to another via tape - for example, a DOS or Windows based machine could be used to read tapes which were produced on a mainframe or to write tapes to be read on almost any platform. 

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The Unylogix auto-load series of 9 track drives offers very high performance and exceptional reliability with the convenience of automatic tape loading. These compact drives offer data transfer rates as high as 781 kb/sec and compatibility with all standard 9 track tape formats.
Manual Load 1/2, interchange tape

General Features:

  • Multi density: Dual, Triple or Quad density
  • Rugged design for maximum dependability
  • Automatic loading
  • Built-in diagnostics and test functions
  • Available in table top or rack mount
Browse below to see the various models available.

Low-Profile UNY-9T 9-Track Tape System

Designed for ANSI/IBM standard 9-track data interchange, the UNY-9T model offers high-performance (at 375 KB/second GCR sustained transfer rates and 96 KB/second PE sustained transfer rates) in a very small 3.5 inches high low-profile enclosure.

9 tack, interchange tape


  • Triple Density: 1600/3200/6250 BPI
  • Low-profile 3.5 inch height
  • The world’s lightest autoloader
  • 1 MB cache memory
  • Up to 270 MB capacity per reel
  • Self-test diagnostics on power-up
  • Industry-standard SCSI-2 interface

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High-Performance Quad-Density UNY-7000T 9-Track Tape System

Designed for ANSI/IBM standard 9-track data interchange, the UNY-7000T model provides a high-performance data transfer rate of 100 ips, with full Quad-Density support 625 KB/second GCR sustained transfer rates and 160 KB/second PE sustained transfer rates.

data interchange, interchange tape


  • Quad Density: 6250/3200/1600/800 BPI
  • Tape speed of 100 ips
  • SCSI, SCSI2 or Pertec/Cipher Interface
  • Desktop or Rackmounted

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UNY-3400 Series - 18 and 36 tracks Tape Drives & Autoloaders

This latest addition to our product range is a complete family of competetively priced 3480, 3490 and 3490E drives and autoloaders. The UNY-3490E-36F is the fastest 3490E drive currently available with a sustained data transfer rate of 9MB/sec. The UNY-3490E-36F drive will READ and  WRITE in 3480/3490 (18 track) format. 

3490, interchange tape

Advantages of the UNY-3480/3490/3490E Series:

  • All drives are capable of reading and writing very large tape records (up to 3.8 MB)
  • Fastest desktop 3490E tape drive available
  • Standalone drive or 10 tape autoloader option
  • Table top or rack mount(autoloader versions)
  • Direct attachment to IBM AS/400 (2621 or 6501 feature)
  • Direct attachment to RS/6000 (2416 or 2420 feature)
  • Attach to open systems, PC, Workstations or Networks
  • Low power dissipation
  • Autoloader version is lockable for security
  • Random access to any cartridge in autoloader
  • 36 track drives will read and write 18 track formats
  • 18 month warranty (return to factory)
  • On-site service available in U.S. and Canada
3480-18 3490-36 3490E-36F
Capacity without compression 200MB 800MB 800MB
Capacity with compression 600MB 2400MB 2400MB
Transfer rate without compression 3MB/sec 3MB/sec 6MB/sec
Transfer rate with compression 4.5MB/sec 4.5MB/sec 9MB/sec
Data buffer 2MB (4MB option)
Interface SCSI fast/wide
Interface burst rate 20MB/sec
Size (desk top) 11W x 14.8D x 6.9H (Inches)
Weight 23 lbs
Power requirement 90-260V 80W (110W for 3490E-36F)
Emulation IBM 7208-012/3490E-EXX
Warranty 18 month warranty (return to factory)
Enclosure Desk top standard - rack mount optional

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QIC, interchange tape
Format QIC-2000
Storage Capacity 2.5 GB
Error Rate Less Than 1 in 1015
Data Transfer Rate 300 kb/sec
Cartridge Type DC-9200 / Magnus 2.5

Format QIC-2000 (Data Compression)
Storage Capacity 5 GB
Error Rate Less Than 1 in 1015
Data Transfer Rate 600 kb/sec [*]
Cartridge Type DC-9200 / Magnus 2.5

Format QIC-13GB (Data Compression)
Storage Capacity 26 GB
Error Rate Less Than 1 in 1017
Data Transfer Rate 1.5 MB/sec (8 bit bus) [*]
3.0 MB/sec (16 bit bus)
Cartridge Type Magnus 13GB

1. Unylogix also carries tape libraries / jukeboxes based on QIC technology. Please for more information.
2. QIC based units do not offer data compression. Actual speed and capacity is system dependent.

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Data Interchange Software

We also have available specific software for Data Interchange. Click here for more information on Data Interchange Software.