Data Interchange solutions

Data migration & data conversion : mainframe to PC, Unix, DOS, OS/2 environments. Cross platform data interchange and data translation. Tape conversions. Exchange formats include IBM standard label, no label, ANSII format, fixed length, unlabelled, packed decimal, ASCII, EBCDIC, variable length, undefined tape record, Unix tar & cpio, etc...

What is Data Interchange?

Data interchange is the term applied to the process of moving data in and around different hardware platforms and operating systems, usually through specific media devices and peripherals such as tape drives, optical drives or networked systems.

Data interchange software gives users the ability to connect tape drives to the PC and read and write tapes with data written from Mainframes and Mini computers. This gives users the flexibility of the PC for manipulating, filtering and managing the tremendous amount of data that is available on these mass storage computers. Phone companies, accounting firms, mailing list houses, graphics houses, banks, and many more companies as well as individuals utilize this technology to create and move files, reports and databases that are of great value.

With downsizing and right- sizing, firms are looking for ways to scale down from data and information managed on these large mainframes to more manageable networks. Unylogix offers an entire suite of Data Interchange products to meet this demand, to break down the once formidable barriers of software operating systems and hardware platforms to make it easy for anyone who may need to transfer data of any type.

AllRight for Windows is a data interchange and magnetic tape handling software that allows you to exchange data with a variety of other systems and formats. AllRight is available for different Windows platforms including Win 3.x, Win 9x/NT, as well as a DOS version.
AllRight provides a universal interface for data backup, archiving and file transfer.

REELExchange  Unix

reads and writes IBM and ANSI labeled tapes for UNIX systems.

Industry Standard Tapes 3480/3490 and 9-track tapes have long been the standard media for transporting data between computers. To facilitate convenient and reliable transfer, tape format and labeling standards have evolved. The two most widely used standards are IBM Standard Labels and ANSI X3.27-1978. Tape labels contain information about file names, creation dates, accessibility, etc. In addition, labels contain information describing how data is stored, including record format, record length, and block length. A labeled tape can be read without providing any additional information. All the information necessary to read the tape is stored on the tape itself. REELexchange makes it possible for UNIX systems to read and write both IBM and ANSI format tapes.

IMdrive  Unix Microsoft Windows

reads practically any format and writes IBM labelled, Unlabelled, Unix TAR/CPIO, and NT Backup. For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.

IMdrive is extremely easy to use, through a simple Windows interface, files from virtually any SCSI storage media can be automatically retrieved and converted to your PC's hard disk or network server. Conversely, output to any media is provided by a number of industry-standard backup formats.

NovaExchange Microsoft Windows

NovaXchange Data Conversion software includes powerful tape handling and data management software utilities for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP platforms, with the ability to transfer and manage all types of data and all kinds of SCSI tape drives between operating systems and different architectures. NovaXchange reads and writes various formats including Fixed Length, IBM or ANSI variable length and even undefined tape record formats. NovaXchange also reads and writes IBM or ANSI Labeled or Unlabeled tapes, translates EBCDIC to ASCII and ASCII to EBCDIC. With NovaXchange, there are few, if any limits for users to manipulate and interchange their data.

NovaXchange Plug-ins  Microsoft Windows

The TAR/CPIO Plug-in for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 and XP gives you the ability to read and write TAR and CPIO tapes from within NovaXchange; the Library Support Plug-In gives you the ability to automatically load/unload a specific media from any slot in the loader/library, and the Network Support Plug-In, which gives the ability to perform NovaXchange operations on network connected tape drives.

Data Interchange Hardware

We also have available specific hardware for Data Interchange. Click here for more information on Data Interchange Tape Drives.