NovaXchange Plug-In Options Microsoft Windows

  Windows 9x / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
   (plug-ins require NovaXchange v3.0)

NovaXchange TAR/CPIO Plug-In

The TAR/CPIO Plug-in gives you the ability to read and write TAR and CPIO tapes from within NovaXchange. When the Plug-in is installed, the 'Options' pull-down menu shows an option for Tape format. The TAR / CPIO plug-in installs the following Tape Format options: Standard, TAR/CPIO and Set format.

The TAR/CPIO Plug-in slightly changes the look and feel of NovaXchange to enable you to select options as they pertain to the reading and writing of TAR and/or CPIO tapes. The Set Format option automatically sets the tape format of the interchange session based on the current format of the tape in the tape drive.

  • Supports multiple SCSI Controllers as well as RAID Controllers
  • Read/Write UNIX standard TAR format tapes
  • Converts UNIX name spaces and translates CRLF to LF and LF to CRLF on the fly
  • Reads and writes multiple volumes on a single tape
  • Rename files to 8.3 file names
  • Easily convert path names when reading/writing TAR tapes.
  • Save scripts for later use.
  • Reads and writes Multi-TAR tapes
  • Supports TAR files greater than 4GB

NovaXchange Library Support Plug-In

The Library Support Plug-In gives you the ability to automatically load/unload a specific media from any slot in the loader/library.

  • Supports a wide array of Autoloaders and Tape Libraries
  • Enhanced control of tape media devices

NovaXchange Network Support Plug-In

The Network Support Plug-In gives you the ability to perform NovaXchange operations on network connected tape drives. This version of NovaXchange will allow you to run tape operations on tape drives located anywhere on your network, without having to install NovaXchange on that computer.

  • Supports a wide array of tape devices and controllers
  • Easily use any network connected tape drive

Data Interchange Hardware

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