Mid-size enterprise RAID

Solutions include: RAID Arrays (RAID level 0, 1, 3, 5... with advanced features such as OS independent RAID, offsite & multi-site mirroring, dynamic expansion, fault tolerant RAID, snapshot, centralized control, etc...) SAN - Storage Area Networks, SAN backup solutions, fibre channel switches, fibre channel hubs, fibre channel host bus adapters and controllers, fibre channel tape libraries.

With sizes ranging up to 10 TB per cabinet, these RAID units provide additionnal features and performance suitable for mid-range enterprise or for larger departmental requirements. Advanced features such as dual redundant RAID controllers, active-active setup support, dynamic RAID expansion ... make these units a perfect fit for more demanding environments.

    PrimeStor RAID

    PrimeStor, RAID

  • PrimeStor RAID offers Ultra3 SCSI or Fibre Channel connectivity, starting with an 8-drives configuration. Provides Dual-Redundant RAID controllers (in active/active and active/passive mode) with hot-swap capabilities. Dynamic RAID expansion, SAN integration, GUI software control and monitoring capabilities, etc.. are some of the many advanced features of the PrimeStor unit.

  • Legacy RAID

    RAID array    RAID array

  • Legacy's Universal Data Storage System is the most comprehensive NAS, SCSI & SAN Storage Subsystem available today. The system is designed for use in the most mission-critical fail-safe environments, but flexible enough to provide a complete spectrum of solutions.