Workgroup, Departmental, Small Enterprise RAID

Solutions include: RAID Arrays (RAID level 0, 1, 3, 5... with advanced features such as OS independent RAID, offsite & multi-site mirroring, dynamic expansion, fault tolerant RAID, snapshot, centralized control, etc...) SAN - Storage Area Networks, SAN backup solutions, fibre channel switches, fibre channel hubs, fibre channel host bus adapters and controllers, fibre channel tape libraries.

With sizes ranging from 54 GB up to 6.4 TB, these units are ideal as a Workgroup RAID array or Departmental RAID within a large organization, or as a main RAID system for a small enterprise. Available with IDE or SCSI disk drives.

    JStor RAID

    JStor, RAID JStor, RAID

  • The JStor line of RAID Arrays products are high-performance data storage RAID systems, with an extensive line of storage for any computing platform and operating system. The JStor RAID systems ensure rapid, round-the-clock access to all of the information and data users rely on.

  • Unylogix Black RAID Array

    RAID array    RAID array

  • High Performance, Intelligent, IDE-disk based RAID: a cost-effective all-in-one RAID array with RAID level 0, 1, 3 and 5 capabilities.

  • Unylogix Silver RAID Array

    RAID array

    High Performance, Intelligent, SCSI-disk based RAID Array: high-performance, RISC microprocessor RAID array offers OS independance and fault tolerance.