UnyStor Master CD/DVD - Optical storage management software Linux Unix Microsoft Windows
Supports: CD-R/CD-ROM and DVD-R/DVD-ROM

CDs and DVDs have become a well-established storage media within the workplace. They are easily transported from one system to another and knowledge of their benefits has significantly increased. The UnyStor Master CD/DVD product works across the network allowing both System Administrators and privileged clients to harness the power to manage more than just the standalone CD/DVD-R writer. With the UnyStor Master CD/DVD product, users get the ability to manage hundreds or thousands of CD/DVDs, with ease, through an intuitive GUI and advanced management tools.

The UnyStor Master CD/DVD software combines all of the great features offered in the UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD product with the ability to intelligently write and group CD/DVD-R media within sets.

Features and Benefits

UnyStor Master CD/DVD incorporates the following features:

Standards Based Formats
Unystor Master CD/DVD software adds the ability to write in either the ISO 9660 standard or UDF. These formats, recognized as world standards, will allow the media created with the Unystor Master CD/DVD product to be transportable to other systems, even if they are not running the same operating system.

Writing Options
Unystor Master CD/DVD supports both direct writing to media or scheduled writing of the ISO/UDF image. Administrators can assign mastered media to different media sets, and a profile can be defined to guarantee consistent media creation. E-mail notification ensures that System Administrators are informed of the completion of the write process and alerted to any conditions that could affect the systems ability to perform correctly.

Automatic Media Assignment
Administrators can create numerous sets whereby media will automatically be added, as appropriate, once mastered. This ensures that only the media the set requires will be allocated. Each surface of the set can be its own filesystem or all the media together can be one contiguous filesystem.

Technology Supported

The UnyStor Master CD/DVD storage management software supports the follwing technologies:

   DVD-R / CD-R