UnyStor Hi-Availability - Optical storage management software Linux Unix Microsoft Windows
Supports: Magneto-Optical (MO), DVD-RAM and Tape

UnyStor Hi-Availability is a storage management software that provides hi-availibity features for the access and use of your optical jukeboxes and/or tape libraries. It provides a cost effective method of maintaining a high level of data availability - regardless of the media used. UnyStor Hi-Availability lets you maintain the highest degree of data availability, by letting you mirror you data to multiple optical jukeboxes or tapes libraries through event based mirroring and a transaction-logging cache mechanism. UnyStor Hi-Availability gives you the possibility to archive data to 2 storage devices simultaneously, to two storage devices of different types (tape library & optical jukebox for example), and even to write/archive data to two physically separate locations with failover capabilities.

All the features of UnyStor Hi-Availability come standard with a system independent disk format. UnyStor Hi-Availability also lets you integrates ALL your network storage media - magnetic disks, on-line and off-line optical, DVD, CD drives & jukeboxes, as well as tape-drives and tape libraries - into a single, centrally managed storage hierarchy. Again, all these features are available to users and applications as a standard magnetic disk with virtually unlimited storage capacity.

Features and Benefits

UnyStor Hi-Availability incorporates the following features:

All the Features of UnyStor HSM
By incorporating all the standard features found on the UnyStor HSM software, our proven algorithms ensure the accessibility and the security of the data. The most frequently used data and all directories for mounted volumes are held in a high performance magnetic disk cache to ensure unsurpassed on-line archival performance.

... Plus the following data availability features:

Data Mirroring
Multiple logical volumes may be combined to create a Mirror Set. With the data mirrored continuously at a transaction level, both the primary and the secondary logical volumes are always exact duplicates. The logical volumes may be in different jukeboxes and in different locations on the network, and may even be of different archival media type.

Hot Standby
In a Mirror Set, one volume automatically becomes a Hot Standby for the other volume. Our software will sense if a volume becomes unavailable and continue to service read and write requests to and from the remaining volume. The result is increased productivity through reduced storage down time.

Automatic Re-Synchronization of Data
In the unlikely event of a jukebox failure, data migration to the remaining volume is still available to ensure continued data security. When returned on-line, the previously unavailable volume is automatically re-synchronized ensuring both volumes continue to accurately mirror the data.

Load balancing
In the environment where users requests exceeds the throughput capability of the jukebox, and where multiple jukeboxes are available, UnyStor Hi-Availability automatically services read requests from both mirrored devices. With Load Balancing, users maintain fast data access at peak periods.

Technology Supported

The UnyStor HSM storage management software supports the follwing technologies:

   Magneto-Optical (MO) / DVD-RAM / Tape