AIT tape libraries / jukeboxes

Unylogix offers Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) tape libraries ranging in size from 10 cartridges all the way to 640 cartridges and from 1 to 32 AIT drives. With a maximum capacities of 166TB in a standard 19" rackmount cabinet, our AIT jukeboxes offer amongst the highest capacity and the highest storage density in the market today.
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Qualstar Logo

Qualstar has been designing and manufacturing the world's finest tape products since 1984.

Its TLS-4000 family of AIT tape librairies includes 12 distinct models that offer the widest range of capacity and throughput options in the industry: 400 gigabytes to over 150 terabytes in one to twelve drive configurations.

Others models, like the new CLS series, takes up less space than most autoloaders. Just 2U high, the CLS-4216 still delivers over 2 terabytes of storage.

Qualstar also offers tape libraries/jukeboxes for other tape formats, like Super-AIT, DLT, SuperDLT and LTO.

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spectra Logo

Spectra Logic is the industry’s leading manufacturer of AIT tape libraries.

Its full range of automated tape libraries can be used in nearly any data center, from department systems through large enterprise operations.

Spectra Logic manufactures three library architectures corresponding to your backup requirements: TreeFrog® (Entry-level), BullFrog® (Workgroup-level), and Gator® (Enterprise-level).

Designed specifically for the rapidly growing networked storage market, the Spectra 64000 and 12000 library models are the first native Gigabit Ethernet tape libraries available on the market, with tranferts rates approaching 3600 GB per hour, and capacities up to 166 terabytes!!

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