Super-AIT tape libraries / jukeboxes

Unylogix offers Super Advanced Intelligent Tape (S-AIT) tape libraries ranging in size from 1 to 8 S-AIT drives. With a maximum capacity of 343TB and up to 45TB per sq. foot, our Super-AIT library offers amongst the highest capacity and storage density in the market today.
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Qualstar Logo

Qualstar has been designing and manufacturing the world's finest tape products since 1984.

Its TLS-5000 family of S-AIT tape librairies includes 4 distinct models that offer the widest range of capacity and throughput options in the industry: 16 terabytes to over 343 terabytes in one to eight drive configurations.

Qualstar also offers tape libraries/jukeboxes for other tape formats, like DLT, SuperDLT, LTO and AIT.

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