VXA tape libraries / jukeboxes solutions

Unylogix offers VXA based tape libraries ranging in size up to 15 slots, with 1 or 2 drives. VXA technology is rated amongst the most reliable tape technology on the market and can insure your data restore will work 100% of the time.

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VXA AutoPak

VXA AutoPakTM 1x10 Autoloader

One VXA-1 or VXA-2 tape drive
10 Cartridge Slots
Up to 1.6TB Capacity
Up to 43.2GB/hr Transfer Rate

About the VXA AutoPak 1x10

Up to 1.6TB of automated data storage in a slim design for less than $3500 MSRP! The VXA AutoPak 1x10 with VXA-2 is the most affordable, compact automated data storage for users with space and budget constraints. With one VXA-2 drive and up to 10 VXA tapes, the 1.6TB 2U AutoPak 1x10 leads in capacity and price over other rack mounted autoloaders, making it the preferred storage companion for top selling Compaq, HP, IBM and Apple 1u and 2u servers. For those with lower capacity requirements, the AutoPak 1x10 is also available with VXA-1. Easy to Use. Simply attach the VXA AutoPak 1x10 autoloader to your workstation or server and easily operate through commands through the control panel or your back up software. This no hassle operation will dramatically reduce down time, user error and resource obligations for your organization.

Capacity:800 GB, native/uncompressed
Transfer Rate:21.6 GB per hour, native/uncompressed
Cartridge Number:10
Access Time: 10 seconds, maximum
Interface: SCSI Ultra2 LVD
Reliability:250,000 Mean Cycles Between Failure
Recording Method:Advanced Metal Evaporated
Environmental:Operating Temperature 0 C (50 F)to 40 C (104 F)
Non-Operating Temperature:
Relative Humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
Power:Input 96 to 240 VAC; 47-63 Hz
Consumption 30 watts typical
Dimensions: 3.3in. x 16.9in. x 23.9in. (8.4cm x 42.9cm x 60.9cm)
2U rack height
Weight:19.5 pounds (8.85 kilograms)
Warranty:3-year limited


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  Automate your backup using VXA
  15 tape capacity totaling 990GB
  Simple, reliable design through packets
  Greatest value in automation
  Complete Specifications

VXA AutoPak

VXA AutopakTM 2x15

 990 GB of Capacity*
 One or Two Drive Configurations
 Tower or Rackmount
 Optional Bar-Code Reader

Increase Efficiency
(And Make Your Life Easier)

Without a doubt, backing up your data isn't the highlight of your day. So why not eliminate that necessary yet annoying task by automating your system backup with the VXA AutoPak? With the VXA AutoPak, you can pack in an incredible amount of data - up to 990 GB (2:1 compression) - in a small enclosure that sits comfortably on a desk or fits conveniently in a rack. And not only is the VXA AutoPak easy to use, it's affordable and infinitely reliable.

Why autoPAK?
  Streamlines backup of multiple distributed servers
  Eliminates human error and speeds up repetitive procedures
  Reduces risk of data loss due to computer virus contamination and other security breaches
  Most cost-effective solution for high volume, unattended backup

Intelligent Robotics
The VXA AutoPak robotics were designed with an intelligent picker that increases reliability by using only two motors. The simple design of the robot and uni-body chassis results in greater reliability and lower manufacturing costs.

Simple Media Management
Media management has been simplified, too. The removable cartridge holder includes a dust cover, which attaches to the back of the unit before installation. This ensures that users won't misplace the cover when removing media from the AutoPak or when moving it to an offsite location.

Conversion to a Small Library
To provide redundancy and increase data throughput, the VXA AutoPak can be upgraded to a small library by simply installing a second VXA-1 tape drive. A barcode reader that works in conjunction with the backup software can be added to further increase the efficiency of the media and data file management. Both of these options can be ordered separately.

The Design - High Reliability Meets Low Cost
VXA's Award-Winning Packet Technology The VXA-1 drives installed in the AutoPak are the first and only tape drives to use packets the basic technology already proven in the networking, Internet, and CD rewriteable markets. Each data packet is uniquely addressed and can be read in any sequence. Initiating multiple scans, the VXA-1 drive reads each packet independent of track shape or geometry.

No More Backhitching...
This approach virtually guarantees 100% data restore and eliminates the need for expensive head and track alignment mechanisms required on other tape drives. VXA also successfully solves a problem known as "backhitching" or "shoeshining," where the tape frequently stops and repositions itself when the data flow to or from the drive is interrupted. Not only does backhitching accelerate media and head wear, it also negatively impacts the life of the drive mechanism. VXA is the only tape drive to automatically adjust its tape motion to match the host transfer rate - significantly enhancing reliability and optimizing both backup and restore times.

* Specifications assume a 2:1 compression ratio.


Up to 15
495 GB


3.0 MB/sec
6.0 MB/sec
6.0 MB/sec
12 MB/sec


SCSI-2 fast/wide, single-ended or SCSI Ultra-2 LVD/SE


More than 1,000,000 Mean Cycles Between Failure


3 years**


Advanced Replacement Service available.


Tower 8.6 in. x 16.9 in. x 16.5 in. (21.8cm x 42.9cm x 41.9cm)
Horizontal/rack 16.9 in. x 8.6 in. x 16.5 in. (42.9cm x 21.8cm x 41.9cm)
Weight 28 lbs. (12.7 kg) single drive and cartridge holder


Input 100-240 VAC; 2A
Consumption 120 watts maximum


  Minimum Maximum
Operating temperature 5 C (40 F) 40 C (104 F)
Storage temperature -40 C (-40 F) 65 C (149 F)
Relative humidity (non-condensing) 20% 80%

* Specifications assume a 2:1 compression ratio.

** Return to factory