The TimberWolf 9714 tape library

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9714 Brochure (pdf, 142K)

The TimberWolf 9714 Tape Library is a scalable DLT library for large departments and storage-intensive applications.

9714 Tape Library

  • Small footprint. The 9714 fits nearly anywhere and requires no special cabling, environmental controls or raised flooring.
  • Advanced rotational robotics. Cylindrical cell array structures enable high-cartridge storage density while providing excellent cartridge and drive accessibility.
  • Keen vision system. Camera-based vision system has no moving parts and is more reliable than standard bar code readers.
  • Attaches to distributed systems running UNIX, Windows NT, AS/400 and Novell NetWare.

The 9714 effectively combines popular high-capacity DLT tape drives with superior robotics for smooth, unattended storage operations, day in and day out. It also offers connectivity with leading backup and recovery software solutions. A patented self-calibration system means continued operation and no scheduled maintenance. Stores up to 3.5 TB of data storage (uncompressed) on up to six hot-swappable DLT drives. Superior flexibility makes this an ideal solution for backup, restore, and archiving storage-intensive applications.