System & Network Management

Simplifying the Management of IT Centers....
As systems and computing environments grow, the MIS world is demanding better management of their computing infrastructure. Demands on corporate computer asset management, cable management and other asset management, etc... are escalating and effective management of all systems and network components has become costly and time consuming. Unylogix provides you with a family of solutions that enable you to face the new millennium with confidence.

Computer Asset Management and Help Desk

IT Asset Management is used to help organize, manage and optimize operations of IT departments. Unylogix offers various software modules that provide Computer Asset Management, Help Desk, IT Purchasing & Administrative Management and Automated Inventory.

Our solutions' role is to improve the productivity, efficiency and profitability of IT services. Unylogix offers a line of efficient tools, which can be customized and easily integrated to your company's computer system.

The computer asset management software packages that Unylogix carries are:


ClickNet™ Professional is a powerful, integrated tool that provides you with a comprehensive solution for managing your PC LAN network. ClickNet Professional helps reduce the time and effort needed to manage PC networks by automating: PC inventory, network diagramming, software distribution and PC remote control. A Y2K components is also available to provide you a complete management and Y2K compliance tool.

Cable Management System

Cable Management System is a solftware to help you better manage your physical cabling infrastructure. Whether you are managing telephone cabling or data cabling, active or passive components, whether you are starting a new project or looking to document a current cabling system - CSM will help you save time and money.