Cable Management System describes and manages voice and data cabling infrastructures

Why the need for a cabling management software?

As today's telephone and data networking environments become ever more complex, it becomes vitally important that network system administration have thorough knowledge and increased control over the network's system components. Proper design and management of these systems also is crucial. Increasingly complex networking schemes translate into higher demands on performance and overall system capacity. Conventional approaches to network management, though, such as using CAD drawing or pencil and paper to conduct calculations and draw sketches, are a far cry from providing the necessary flexibility, network compatibility, and ease of use required by today's network system administrators.

Recent estimates alone show that companies are relocating, on average, approximately 30% of their staff per year. Whether these moves are across town or simply across the hall, they both have one thing in common: They require reconfiguration of network and telephone systems to reflect the move. Even if the company is relatively small, this task can often be a time-consuming, arduous, and tedious process. And, with very little conventional means available today to help plan cabling infrastructure prior to any move, there's no guarantee that a great deal more time and effort won't be spent down the road troubleshooting and tracking system problems. System administrators are left to wonder what options they have?

System administrators are left to wonder what options they have?

Our solution answers many of these concerns with a highly graphical windows user interface software system that empowers users to manage all aspects of their cabling infrastructure effectively.

Specifically designed to comply with the ANSI/EIA/TIA standards for commercial-building telecommunication wiring, Cable Management System relies on a number of advanced tools to help simplify the administration of any cable system. Such tools include macro commands and drag-and-drop options, as well as a variety of functions to help speed recording of information and data entry. Entire networks can be recorded quickly and easily in a relatively short period of time. These records can be referenced at a later date to simplify the treatment of such tasks as network extensions, reconfiguration and work orders.

Cable Management System : Functional Summary

  • For the administrator:
    • Graphical and logical representation of the network,
    • Drill-down to pair level from any view ,
    • Automatic creation of work orders,
    • Pro-active management of the cabling system as an asset.

  • For the cabling technician:
    • Graphical library of the cabling components,
    • Graphical display of all the connection points,
    • Description of the users and terminal equipment,
    • Detailed work-orders

Cable Management System offers a comprehensive set of management tools for complete telephone / data cabling systems.

Management operations are performed through various cabling system components. These various cabling components are part of Cable Management System 's Components Library, which can be edited at anytime to cater for new products, as they become available..