Unix-Based Backup Software

Our backup solutions are committed to the secure protection of data. These products provide powerful backup, recovery and a complete data protection suite that gives you cross-platform, scalable and a simple to use solution - as well as a full suite of data disaster recovery services.

Supports Unix, Linux

  • Backup Professionnal  

    Backup Professional is an enterprise backup and disaster recovery software solution. It provides high performance, backup and recovery for a single system or wide variety of systems across your network.

  • BareMetal Plus  

    BareMetal Plus provides bare metal disaster recovery for 20 operating systems with backup and recovery bundled into the product. The product allows you to create bootable crash recovery media negating the requirement to reload the operating system after a crash has occurred. In addition the product can function as your backup solution should you so desire.

  • Compressing Tape Archiver (CTAR)

    Compressing Tape Archiver, CTAR, is an easy to use and portable Unix backup solution. A rock-solid backup and recovery solution for a single UNIX system and UNIX-only networks.

Backup appliance - Supports Unix, Linux, Windows
  • Data Protection Unit (DPU)

    The DPU line consists of a 1U, rack-mounted, network-attached appliance or a desktop cube. These DPUís offer complete backup, restore and bare metal recovery of all servers and clients on the network of small or medium business, critical departments or branch locations of larger enterprises, with remote administration via web browser.