Unix and Linux Backup Software

Solutions range from simple Unix menu interface backup (Ctar), (both useable in command line or scripts), Unix native backup software (Backup Professional, Legato NetWorker, ...), backup software for Linux, database backup (Oracle, Sybase, Informix ...), open file backup or 'snapshot' backup (OFM - Open File Manager), remote system & offsite backups for notebooks , archival software solutions,  HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) solutions, file replication software solutions and much more.   Browse below for more details.

ARCserve for Linux enables maximum data integrity and recovery capabilities across all popular Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Caldera, SuSE, TurboLinux and Debian (client only).

JukeBox driver

JukeBox Driver - Automated jukebox drivers / robotics drivers: for almost any automated storage robotics handler (tape jukeboxes, optical jukeboxes, tape libraries, autoloaders, autochangers, ...) our JukeBox Driver provides you with random access functionality to any SCSI compliant automated tape device.

Legato software     Legato Unix  Linux Microsoft Windows Novell Netware Apple Mac OSX

Legato delivers the software, solutions, and services that protect and make available the business critical information that customers need to succeed in today's competitive environment.

NovaNet for Linux expands the scope of our highly complete and reliable Linux network backup software. Scalable to fit any network requirement or budget, NovaNET for Linux can be configured for Open File management, SQL backup, disaster recovery and much more. Stand-alone server or enterprise network, we've got it covered. With Distributed Architecture and Remote Administration, you can manage your entire enterprise backup without leaving your desk.

NovaNet Alliance is built to backup an unlimited number of clients and servers, including enterprise networks with multiple Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows, and Linux servers. With NovaNet Alliance, multiple storage drives attached to multiple computers in the network are managed and utilized with ease and efficiency.

Unix-Based Backup Software

This product provides powerful backup, recovery and complete data protection products that are cross-platform, scalable and simple to use as well as a full suite of data disaster recovery services.
The Backup and Restore product lines consist of Backup Professional and Bare Metal. These products backup to your choice of media tape, hard disk or CD and are easy to install and operate. The products are proven, feature and operation rich, scaleable and available with add on crash recovery modules.