Backup, Archival, File replication, HSM Software solutions

Solutions range from simple Unix menu interface backup (ctar),  jukebox drivers,  robotics drivers (both useable in command line or scripts),  Unix native backup software (Backup Professional,  Legato NetWorker, ...),  Windows NT&2000 native backup software (Legato NetWorker, UltraBac, ...), Linux backup software(Backup Professional, NovaNet, ...), database backup (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS-Exchange, SQL-Server, ...),  open file backup or 'snapshot' backup (OFM - Open File Manager),  remote system & offsite backups for notebooks desktops,  archival software solutions,  HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) solutions,  file replication software solutions,  SAN-based backups and much more.   Browse below for more details.

  • Unix and Linux Backup Software
    • Our Unix backup solutions include simple Unix menu software for backup of a single or a few Unix systems, all the way to enterprise-wide backup solutions for hundreds of servers and multi-site capabilities along with SAN (Storage Area Network) and serverless backup capabilities. Options such as DataBase hot backups, archival options, etc.. Also incorporates robotics drivers for script based automation.

      All our solutions offer the ability to use single drives or automated high-capacity tape jukeboxes/libraries to completely automate your backup routine in a "lights out" backup environment.

  • Windows-based Backup Software
    • For single Windows NT/2000/XP systems, Windows workgroups or for a complete corporate Windows environment - our Windows backup solutions provide a variety of options for different environments and needs.

  • Enterprise Backup Software
    • Our Enterprise backup solutions provide solid, reliable backup and recovery for large organizations ranging from single site with single OS environment, to multi site corporate-wide heterogeneous environments encompassing Unix, Linux, Windows, Novell, etc... and other type systems.

      Our solutions offer complete "lights out" automated backup solutions with distributed tape jukeboxes/libraries as well as SAN (Storage Area Network) backup and serverless backup for very large and fast backup needs.

  • Novell Netware Backup Software
    • For Novell based environment where the backup software must reside on a Novell server. Also includes links to other Novell based options and solutions with other software.

  • Open File Backup Software
    • Open File Backup Software is an open-file backup solution for Microsoft® and NetWare® environments. Its rich feature set helps IT professionals automate backup of open files and locked files through system-wide volume synchronization and provides improved application availability.