NAS Servers - Enterprise-class NAS devices

Browse the links below to find out more on the NAS Enterprise-class storage devices that Unylogix can provide you with.


       NAS, network attached storage

  • The DataFilerNAS series is a full-feature Network Attached Storage Appliance that can store up to 2TB (using 250GB disks). These models can be configured with up-to (8) hard disk drives and can have up to two CD/DVD-RW's and/or tape drives depending on the enclosure.

  • NetstorNAS

       NAS, NetstorNAS

  • Extremely versatile and scalable solution. Up-to (3) Gigabit NIC's per system, up-to (15) separate hardware driven RAID's, Snapshot file system for instant file restoration, local or remote tape backup options. Web based administration interface, native Windows file security, and more.

  • NetStorNW for Novell Network

    NAS - NetStorNW for NetWare

  • The NetStorNW provides unmatched compatibility for Novell Networks with scalability up-to 8 TB of RAID storage, file replication to remote servers, and cross-protocol support for heterogeneous environments including NetWare, Windows, Macintosh, and Unix... It features a high performance file system and a dedicated hardware RAID system providing performance and connectivity for an unlimited amount of users with no client access license restrictions!

  • Thunderbolt Series

    Thunderbolt NAS servers and appliances  Thunderbolt NAS servers and appliances

  • Thunderbolt NAS servers and appliances
  • supports nearly 30 Terabytes in a single 19" rack, these NAS appliances deliver unmatched performance and value. The Thunderbolt series reduces the cost and complexity of storage installation and management in UNIX, Microsoft, and LINUX environments. The latest NAS1000 and NAS2000 models are rack mountable NAS servers that house the award winning SPANStor NAS Software, which is capable of managing up to 32 Terabytes of storage. Fully redundant,active-passive configurations available, Snapshots, server synchonizations, and many more feature are part of the Thunderbolt series.