NAS Servers - Small environments

Browse the links below to find out more on the NAS small storage devices (< 1TB) that Unylogix offers.


    NAS, network attached storage   

  • The smallest model of the DataFilerNAS series is a full-feature Network Attached Storage Appliance that can store up to 1TB (using 250GB disks) of data within 1U of space. This model can be configured with up-to (4) hard disk drives and features standard CD-RW to be configured in just a 1U form-factor.

  • SA 500

    NAS, network attached storage

  • The StorageAppliance 500 (SA500) series is a family of full-feature Network Attached Storage Appliances that can store up to 480GB of data within 1U of space. These models can be configured with one, two, or three 160GB(or 120GB) disk drives. Everything you need to install and configure is included; just plug and play.

  • Snap Server 1100

    Nas - Snap Server 1100

  • The Snap Server 1100/80 GB and the Snap Server 1100/40 GB both install in minutes, and provide 80 GB or 40 GB of Network Attached Storage.
    The remote management and the compact size of both units make them great portable disk units/servers.

  • Snap Server 2200

    Nas - Snap Server 2200

  • This product provides 160 GB of storage up and running on your network in just five minutes!
    The Snap Server 2200 is a compact unit which easily fits on a shelf or tabletop and delivers fast performance comparable to a traditional file server, for a fraction of the cost.

  • Snap Server 4100

    Nas - Snap Server 4100

  • For workgroups or departments that are experiencing rapid data growth, the Snap Server 4100 quickly and easily provides 240 GB in just 1U of space.
    The Snap Server 4100 is an ideal alternative to deploying a traditional large capacity file server, and delivers extraordinary reliability and compatibility.

  • Guardian 4400

    Nas - Guardian 4400

  • The Guardian 4400 provides enterprise type features and robustness in only 1U of space and a great feature set.
    Despite its low-cost and simplicity, the Guardian 4400 NAS server provides blistering performance, reliability and availability.

  • NAS Server Software for Snap and Guardian

    These dedicated NAS software options provide the Snap and Guardian NAS servers with additional functionality and applications such as email archival, file replication, virtual storage archival....