NAS Software for Snap and Guardian Servers

The various NAS Software provided below offer a simple and cost-effective solution for managing the complexities of data storage seamlessly with a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.

The fundamental advantage of the Guardian and Snap Servers is their embedded operating system that is highly optimized for the single-purpose of data storage. This means that the Guardian OS and Snap OS of the Guardian and Snap line of Network Attached Storage servers, make these unit very efficient in terms of performance and provides you a disk server which is easy to install, manage and maintain.

Other software, such as those offered below, enhance the value of the NAS server by providing additional functionality with various applications such as with DiskXtender, which consolidates and centralizes distributed network data into a virtual storage pool; the PowerQuest® DataKeeper which allows you to easily perform secure, automated backups of all your important data disk-to-disk on a NAS.

Browse the links below to find out more on the NAS Snap and Guardian Servers softwares that Unylogix can provide you with.

  • DiskXtender Appliance Edition
    Lets you turn multiple Snap Servers into a virtual storage pool used you can migrate infrequently accessed data. User data can then be accessed transparently with no administrator intervention.

  • Email Archive
    Provides a simple, cost-effective solution in e-mail storage and retrieval management for IT administrators who are overwhelmed by the volume of e-mails they have to manage.

  • Server-to-Server Synchronization
    Will let you automatically synchronize files with one or more other NAS unit. Provides an alternative solution for near-line backup that will allow you to retrieve your data quickly in the event of a server failure.

  • Snap OS
    The embedded operating system that powers the Snap line of Network Attached Storage servers and offers a number of feature rich characteristics to enable to easily manage and maintain your Snap Servers.

  • Guardian OS
    Powering the Guardian line of Network Attached Storage servers, this OS is a robust enterprise-ready software, designed to provide reliable, robust file storage for your business-critical data.

  • Java Technology
    Provides support for applications based upon Java technology, and allows customers to run applications based on Java technology to enhance the file sharing capabilities of Guardian and Snap NAS servers or to transform them into specialized application server appliances.

  • PowerQuest® DataKeeper
    Lets you perform secure, automated backups of all your Windows systems to the SnapServer. Ideal for quick recovery of lost files & disks.