DISC - Automated Optical Storage

DISC - Automated optical storage
DISC products provide a complete range of NearLine Storage Solutions with capacity from a few Gigabytes all the way up to 10 Terabytes.
DISC manufactures NearLine storage devices that add capacity to networks for a fraction of the total cost of hard disks such as RAID.

Why the need for an optical nearline storage strategy ?

Overview of DISC Nearline storage products

Orion Series

Orion series - optical storage The Orion Series libraries are enterprise-level solutions designed for applications that demand maximum storage capacity. Industry-exclusive features such as the Dynamic Automatic Alignment system ensure continued system uptime and performance.

With capacities ranging from 1.2 Terabytes up to nearly 10 Terabytes, this series offers from 140 to 1050 slot capacity and from 2 to 32 drives.

NSM Series

NSM series - optical storage The NSM Series libraries are designed to handle current, and future storage requirements for the low to mid-range market. Modular design architecture allows users to scale their storage using the existing chassis.

The NSM Series products offers capacities starting at 84 GB all the way up to 5 Terabytes! These products are configurable with 1 to 14 drives, with slot capacities ranging from 120 to 605 slots per drive!

D series

D series - optical storage The D Series products offer entry-level storage, to users who don't yet generate terabytes of data, and adds archive and long-term storage capabilities to the network.

Offered in 20 or 40 slots and 1 or 2 drives configurations, the D Series provides 182 or 364 GB of storage capacity.



DISCSTOR/naS - optical storage The DISCSTOR/naSis a dedicated file server and device controller designed to reduce the impact on resources through decentralized data management. DISCSTOR/naS is designed to be compatible with any DISC nearline storage device and offers seamless connectivity to users.

The storage capacities range from 60 GB all the way up to 10 TB, in only 13 square feet of floor space!


4STOR - optical storage The 4STOR is a multi-function data management system designed to provide four types of information management tools in a single, office-automation device for environments requiring data storage as well as CD duplication and authoring capabilities.

The 4STOR satisfies 4 storage requirements:
CD/DVD librairy, Storage and Backup, Data Archiving, and CD Duplication!


eCabinet - optical storage The eCabinet is an intelligent electronic filing cabinet for storing, sharing and finding important documents and digital files. eCabinet combines online storage with nearline storage to give departments and workgroups a complete, and secure, archive solution.

The two eCabinet products provide nearline storage capacity of 587 GB or up to 1.2 TB, with 2 drives and a 125 or 255 slot configuration.