Data Replication Software

Solutions include: real-time data replication, Novell Netware real-time data replication,Windows real-time data replication, server replication, file-level data replication, server data mirroring, hot standby, Unix replication, file replication, heterogeneous server replication, replication for data distribution, heterogeneous data replication.

  • Data Replicator  Linux  Unix  Apple Mac OSX

    Nothing is more important to data than effectively replicating and archiving it. But companies face a wall of complications in finding the right software tool: multiple software platforms, a rapid growth of storage needs, high data volatility, strict limitations for online data availability and shrinking timeframes to perform network management functions. Unylogix addresses all of these challenges in Data Replicator, the ultimate replication and archiving tool for data management.

  • Co StandByServer   Microsoft Windows

    Provides server mirroring capabilities in real-time for Windows environments. Enables bi-directional failover - where two fully functioning Windows servers to act as hot spares for each other (for application or server failure) with automatic switchover.

  • Off Site Archive for NetWare  Novell Netware

    OFFSite Archive for NetWare is a disaster recovery solution, which creates a point-in-time recovery image of data at another location. In the event of a local disaster, the remote system can be used to quickly recover the primary serverís critical data and network services.

  • RepliStor   Microsoft Windows

    Provides file-level data replication via TCP/IP across a SAN or a WAN. Lets you replicate a complete system or individual files, directories... in a Windows environments. From one/many computers to one or many computers. Ideal for off-line backup protection, disaster recovery switch over, file and content publication across a corporation, etc...

  • StandByServer for NetWare   Novell Netware

    StandbyServer for NetWare allows you to protect data and applications running on several NetWare servers. StandbyServer provide high speed mirroring transfers information via a dedicated network, without adding any additional traffic to your production LAN.