Tape Replicators

Solutions include: standalone tape replication, offline tape replication, tape duplication for UNIX, Windows, Linux, Netware, Mac; Formats include: LTO tape replication, DLT tape replication, Super DLT (SDLT) tape replication, AIT tape replication, Super AIT (SAIT) tape replication... Multiple Tape Autoloader replication, Single Tape library replication, Multiple Tape library replication.

Standalone, Offline - Tape Duplication

SDLT Tape Replication, Rackmount The TR tape-replication system is designed to produce up to four simultaneous copies of 4mm, 8mm, AIT, DLT, SDLT or LTO tapes from a single source tape-drive. Each copy is an exact duplicate of the master tape. It provides "one button" intuitive menuing with an easy to read multi-line LCD control panel.

Whether the tape was created on a UNIX, NT, MAC, or other platform, the TR tape-replication system will make perfect copies every time. It doesn't matter to the TR tape-replication system what kind of data is on the original master, the duplicator's job is to make sure all the data is transfered accurately from the master to each duplicate copy.

In most cases, the master dataset to be duplicated will be on a master tape. It is possible to master from other sources, such as directly from files on disk or network. However, this usually entails connecting the duplication system to a host computer.

The duplication system can make a single copy or many copies from a master or multiple masters simultaneously. The TR tape-replication system has features that make the duplication process simple and bullet proof:

The system verifies that each copy is really an exact duplicate of the original master. The TR tape-replication system easily handles most physical formats and logical formats in use today.

Tape Replication Solutions

While your system is busy doing other tasks, our TR tape replication system will Copy, Copy & Verify or Verify Only your backup tapes, providing high speed media duplication without server intervention.

The TR tape replication system is available either as a standalone tape duplication system or as an automated tape duplication system.

Please select the solution that you prefer below:

Dual DLT tape duplicationSingle tape replication solution - One-to-One

The TR single drive Series provides the ability to replicate nearly any tape at full hardware speed up to 80MB/sec. TR technology creates one copy of your data in an accurate manner.

Multiple tape replication - 5 drivesMultiple tape replication solution - One-to-Many

The TR series can also produce up to four simultaneous copies of 4mm, 8mm, AIT, DLT, SDLT or LTO tapes from a single source tape-drive. The TR multi-tape series produces 2-4 duplicate tapes in parallel, using the same amount of time that it takes other systems to produce 1 duplicate tapes.

Autoloaders, Tape Library replication solutions

Unylogix's TLR series of tape replication system provides the ultimate in tape duplication facility. The TLR series works with a single library, with one or more tape autoloaders, as well as with multiple tape libraries.

Based on an advanced fourth generation Tape RAIT technology (Redundant Array of Independent Tapes), the TLR series provides the highest tape performance, and a variety of configuration options to match even the most demanding tape replication environments.