LTO Ultrium tape libraries / jukeboxes

Unylogix offers Linear Tape Open (LTO Ultrium) tape libraries from various vendors.  LTO technology being relatively new, more models will follow as they become certified for LTO drives.

Seven models are available from ADIC, ranging from a one-cartridge 200 GB capacity to over 50,000 cartridges for a total capacity of over 100,000 TB.

ATL Products, Inc.offers one of the industry's broadest line of automated LTO libraries. With capacities ranging from 2 to 45 drives and from 16 to over 1,300 cartridges, LTO libraries from ATL support a wide range of backup and archival needs--from small to midrange LANs to large super-servers with hundreds of networked users.

Qualstar's TLS-8000 Tape Library Systems for LTO Ultriumô Drives is a family of 7 tape library models ranging in capacity from 1.1 TB to 52 TB (up to 264 tapes).

Qualstar also offers tape libraries/jukeboxes for other tape formats, like AIT, Super-AIT, DLT, and SuperDLT.

The "L" series (3 models to date, more to come) are available from StorageTek. They range from maximum capacities of 4 TB to 138 TB.