DLT, SuperDLT and LTO tape libraries / jukeboxes


ATL Products, Inc. offers the industry's broadest line of automated DLT libraries. With capacities ranging from 1 to 80 drives and from 16 to over 1,630 cartridges, DLT libraries from ATL support a wide range of backup and archival needs--from small to midrange LANs to large super-servers with hundreds of networked users.

Quantum  Superloader Quantum Superloader
The unique 8+1 or 16+1 cartridge configuration scales to your needs
Quantum Valueloader Quantum Valueloader
Provides the best tape automation entry price point in an easy-to-use, rack-optimized unit.

M1500 M1500 Series
DLT, Super DLT, or LTO Ultrium
Up to 20 tape drives
Up to 250 cartridges
M1800 M1800 Series
DLT, Super DLT, or LTO Ultrium
Up to 6.7TB at 16MB/s transfer rate (SDLT 320)
1 to 4 drives & 42 / 50 (DLT/LTO) slots

M2500 M2500 Series
DLT, Super DLT, or LTO Ultrium
Up to 18 drives
Up to 1.03 TB / hr throughput
Up to 400 cartridges
Up to 48 TB
P4000 P4000 Series
Up to 10 tape drives
DLT, Super DLT, and LTO Ultrium
Up to 322 data cartridges
Up to 500 TB

P7000 P7000 Series
Up to 16 tape drives
DLT, Super DLT, and LTO Ultrium
Up to 679 data cartridges
Up tp 519 TB

DLT Technology

DLT Technology by Quantum

Prism Library Architecture

Prism Library Architecture TM

Former Models

DLTtape 4500 4700 DLT 4500 and 4700 Autoloaders
ATL is offerring the most powerful libraries in their class!
L200 PowerStorL200
Choice of one DLT7000, DLT8000 or SDLT Drives
8 DLT Cartridges Sites

L500 PowerStor L500
1 to 3 DLT7000, DLT8000 or VS80 Drives
14 Cartridges
520 520 Series
2 to 4 DLT7000
or DLT8000 Drives
28 to 52 Cartridges

2640 2640 Series
3 to 45 DTL7000
or DTL8000 Drives
88 to 1320 Cartridges
P1000 P1000 Series
Up to four DLTtape drives
Up to 30 Cartridges in a single library
Fibre Channel or SCSI interface

P2000 Series Library P2000 Series
Up to 10 DLTtape Drives
Up to 198 Cartridges
Fibre Channel Interface
P3000 P3000 Series
Up to 16 DTL4000 or DTL7000 Drives
170 to 326 Cartridges
Fibre Channel Interface

P6000 P6000 series
Up to 32 DLTtape Drives
652 Cartridges
Fibre Channel Interface
7100 7100 Series
2 to 7 DLT7000
or DTL8000 Drives
68 to 100 Cartridges

StorLink Series StorLink Series
6 to 18 DLT7000
or DLT8000 Drives
176 to 528 Cartridges
PL50 family PL50 Library Hub

Share Valuable Library Resources Among Multiple Backup Servers