Sony Super-AIT Tape Drive Technology

Super-AIT Tape Backup

The S-AIT technology leverages the AIT technology roadmap, providing five times the storage capacity at the same areal density

Based on advanced helical-scan recording technology, which is known for its high data density, outstanding data transfer performance, as well as outstanding reliability and durability advantages, the S-AIT technology platform has a forward-looking roadmap with the potential to scale to up to four terabytes of uncompressed capacity in a single cartridge.

The S-AIT format introduces a tape-based data storage technology platform that in its first generation will deliver the industry's highest capacity tape drive, storing up to 500GB of uncompressed data on a single-reel, half-inch tape cartridge and featuring a sustained native transfer rate of up to 30MB per second uncompressed. First generation S-AIT drives incorporated into automation solutions will provide uncompressed capacities ranging from 10TB in a space-efficient configuration to more than 500TB in a 1,000 cartridge freestanding library.

Sony Corporation will provide the market with S-AIT drives and media. Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Ltd. (MKE) and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (MEI), known for Panasonic-brand products, are also expected to provide a second source for drives and media. Most companies have expressed their intention to support the integration of S-AIT drives and media into half-inch tape automation solutions. An S-AIT Alliance to be established will promote the adoption and integration of S-AIT into a wide range of storage solutions.

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