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Spectralogic 10000 "Bullfrog" Tape Library

Now available Spectra Bullfrog 10000 tape jukebox / library with 40-slots, 2 * AIT2 tape drives provides you with 2.0 TB native/5.2TB compressed capacity. Very small unit measuring only 7" Height.

This tape library can be upgraded and can contain up to 4 AIT drives.

For more information please see the detailed description of this model.

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Storagetek Timberwolf 9714 Tape Library

We have available a TimberWolf 9714 tape library with 2 DLT-7000 and 40 slots at a great price. This library can be upgraded up to 6 DLT drives and 100 cartridges. Compatible with Windows NT, UNIX and Novell NetWare environments. 9714 Tape Library

The TimberWolf 9714 Tape Library is a scalable DLT library for large departments and storage-intensive applications. The 9714 effectively combines popular high-capacity DLT tape drives with superior robotics for smooth, unattended storage operations, day in and day out. It also offers connectivity with leading backup and recovery software solutions. A patented self-calibration system means continued operation and no scheduled maintenance. Stores up to 3.5 TB of data storage (uncompressed) on up to six hot-swappable DLT drives. Superior flexibility makes this an ideal solution for backup, restore, and archiving storage-intensive applications.

For more information, see the detailed description of this model.

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8mm - UNM-40

Exabyte Mammoth

The available unit doesn't have the optional LCD display shown above.
Format 8mm
Compatibility Mammoth drives are read compatible with all earlier models of 8mm drive
Storage Capacity 20Gb native/40Gb compressed
Error Rate Less Than 1 in 1017
Data Transfer Rate 3 MB/sec uncompressed
6 MB/sec compressed

Drive available in either Internal or External model. Model shown above is internal model.

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