NAS Servers - Mid size environments

Browse the links below to find out more on the NAS middle-range storage devices that Unylogix can provide you with.


       NAS, network attached storage

  • The DataFilerNAS series is a full-feature Network Attached Storage Appliance that can store up to 2TB (using 250GB disks). These models can be configured with up-to (8) hard disk drives and can have up to two CD/DVD-RW's and/or tape drives depending on the enclosure.

  • JStor NAS

    NAS, network attached storage

  • The JStor NAS Storage Appliance provides an affordable, scalable storage option for your network. This high-performance, LAN-attached device is designed to provide shared storage to both clients and servers in Windows, UNIX, Apple Macintosh or mixed environments. JStor NAS is easy to use and install, and offers storage capacities of up to 14TB.

  • StorageAppliance 1501 and StorageAppliance 1502

    NAS, network attached storage
  • The StorageAppliance 1500 family packs up to 1.44 Terabytes of Network Attached Storage into a 3U rack-mountable chassis. The 1502 model houses eight 160GB hot swappable ATA disk drives that can be configured as RAID 0,1,5, or 10. It also houses a powerful Intel Xeon 2.2GHz CPU and a 160GB hard drive with the award-winning SPANStor V5 NAS Software preinstalled. The 1501 model is equipped with eight 120GB hot swappable ATA disk drives; the award-winning SPANStor V5 Software is preinstalled on the 9th disk drive. And everything you need to install and configure is included, even the RJ45 Ethernet cable; just plug and play.

  • Snap Server 12000

    NAS, network attached storage

  • For fast-growing companies, quick-moving divisions or rapidly expanding departments, the Snap Server 12000 lets you deploy up to 960 GB of highly reliable and readily available network storage.
    Unlike a conventional Win2000/NT server with disk arrays, the Snap Server 12000 delivers an unprecedented combination of savings, storage density and data availability.

  • Guardian 14000

    NAS, network attached storage

  • The Guardian 14000 provides enterprise performance, management, security and availability in a cost-effective, simple NAS appliance.
    With a capacity of over 1.4TB of robust storage and featuring cross-platform file sharing, seamless integration, extensive backup software support, and other advanced capabilities, the Guardian 14000 satisfies the needs of the todays evolving and demanding enterprise environments.

  • NAS, network attached storage

    NAS Server Software for Snap and Guardian

  • These dedicated NAS software options provide the Snap and Guardian NAS servers with additional functionality and applications such as email archival, file replication, virtual storage archival....