Tape Mirroring Solutions

Solutions include: real time tape mirroring, real time data replication, tape mirrroring for UNIX, Windows, Linux, Netware, Mac; Formats include: LTO tape mirroring, DLT tape mirroring, Super DLT (SDLT) tape mirroring, AIT tape mirroring, Super AIT (SAIT) tape mirroring... Multiple Tape Autoloader mirroring, Single Tape library mirroring, Multiple Tape library mirroring.

Real Time, Parallel - Tape Mirroring

LTO Tape Mirroring, Rackmount Unylogix Tape Mirroring systems are designed to assist in the implementation of automatic tape mirroring and duplication. Tape mirroring is an important faction in the management of Disaster Recovery Plans.

Unylogix has multiple tape-mirroring solutions available depending on the quantity of tapes to be mirrored and the level of automation required. First is single-drive mirroring used for single-tape to single-tape mirroring. We also have mirrored autoloader and tape library solutions that create two exact copies at the same time with full robotics automation.

Our tape mirroring solutions function in "real time" - and produce 2 (or more) copies of your tapes during the normal backup procedure without any interventions required from the user, the software or from a system's point of view. Our unique tape mirroring implementation adds NO additional system overhead while maintaining total software transparency to the host. The result is additional flexibility and dependable performance for automated assisted processes.

What is Mirroring?

Provides more information on tape mirroring.... Explains the concept of tape mirroring, its benefits as well as providing a host of other information.


Increased Overall System Performance
Simultaneously create two or more identical backup tapes in real-time.

Increased Data Availability
Recover valuable data even if one tape becomes lost, stolen or damaged.

Increased Reliability
Verify restored data automatically comparing tape contents. Either copy can be used independently for recovery.

Disaster Recovery
Full fault tolerance protection with user configurable disaster recovery options.

Plug & Play Compatibility
Seen by the host as a single tape/library. Platform independent providing 100% transparent operation to all backup management software, no special drivers required.

Easy Media Management
Insert a mirror set of tape cartridges in any order.

Remote Management
Manage operations and event logging remotely via optional Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Local Management
Set operating mode and offline operations locally via the front panel operator console.

Operating Modes Include:

  • Mirroring simplify disaster recovery plans by writing the same data to two drives simultaneously.
  • Four specific mirroring options.
  • Two Disaster Recovery Options
  • Fault Tolerant Mode
  • Pass-thru direct access of individual drives within the array.
  • Serverless Tape Copy, Copy/Verify and Verify Only offline high speed media duplication including standalone tape drives and tape libraries.

Dual DLT Tape MirroringTM Series
Single tape mirroring solution - One-to-One

The basic TM Series tape mirroring system lets you create two copies of your data in the time it takes to make a single copy.

Multiple tape mirroring - 5 drivesTM Series
Multiple tape mirroring solution - One-to-Many

The Multi-tape TM Series tape mirroring system enables you to create two, three, four or five copies of your data in the time it takes to make a single copy.

Autoloaders, Tape Library mirroring solution

Unylogix's virtual storage tape backup solutions complement existing tape technologies, tape autoloaders, and tape libraries. These virtual tape library storage solutions are based on Fourth Generation Tape RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) ASIC technology also known as RAIT(Redundant Array of Independent Tapes), to provide the highest tape performance, backup/restore automation, and fault tolerant data protection! Different Library Mirroring configurations provide up to 4 times the performance of a single drive with unlimited flexibility and scalability.

Tape Library Mirroring Configurations

These Tape Library Mirroring series provide high data availability and performance, and can mirror up to 5 tape libraries or autoloaders.

  • TM-L Series  - Single Tape Library Mirroring solution
  • TM-LM Series  - Multiple Tape Autoloader Mirroring solution and Multiple Tape Library Mirroring solution