Data Archival and Migration software

Software solutions: Data Archival for long term storage, Migration of Data, Hierarchical Storage Migration, Hierarchical Storage Management, Data Archival to Optical media (CD, DVD, WORM, MO - Magneto Optical), Data Archival optical jukeboxes, Data Archival tape-library, Virtual (single-letter drive) access to optical jukebox, Network Data migration, Redundant Data archival, API (Application Program Interface) for low level access and programming. Optical jukebox drivers. etc...

  • Hierarchical Storage Migration - HSM   Linux   Unix

    Manual migration and retrieval of data is quickly becoming implausible as files become larger and more numerous. Hierarchical Storage Migration is the fully automated software tool solution to data management. It intelligently separates frequently used files from lower priority ones to maximize computer performance while providing what appears to be an infinite amount of storage space. Hierarchical Storage Migration is the ideal solution for both busy network administrators and users who demand evermore disk space.

  • Managed Server HSM for Novell Netware   Novell Netware

    Nearly all companies are experiencing an explosion in the demand for storage, driven particularly by space hungry applications like CAD, multimedia, computer graphics, document imaging, email and, last but not least, user-controlled directories. Managed Server HSM provides a simple, cost-effective solution for managing the complexities of data storage management.

  • Storage Server HSM for Novell Netware   Novell Netware

    Storage Server is the near-line enabling software for the central shared storage pool. It provides similar policy management for its data volumes, except that it facilitates the movement of your data from on-line availability to near-line libraries and jukeboxes and then through those devices the media may be moved to an archive state.

Optical management software

We also provide you with software for control and management of optical, CD and DVD servers. All our solutions run on Windows based environments (WindowsNT, Windows2000, WindowsXP) as well as most popular UNIX operating systems including Sun Solaris, HP UX, IBM RS/6000 AIX, SGI Irix, DEC/Compaq Tru64, Linux, etc...
Browse the list below to view a general information on our available solutions and a more detailed description of each product:

  • UnyStor HSM  Linux  Unix  Microsoft Windows

    Provides you with a storage management software that lets you access your optical jukeboxes and/or tape libraries as a standard Disk Storage device. Your optical jukebox or tape-library appears as an extension of your standard file system (on Unix or Windows), and can be accessed via a simple "drive letter" assignment. Accessing data is completely transparent to users and existing applications, with the storage management software transparently providing access to data in the optical jukebox or tape library.

  • UnyStor Hi Availability  Linux  Unix  Microsoft Windows

    This storage management software lets you access your optical jukeboxes and/or tape libraries as a standard Disk Storage device, and incorporates a method of maintaining a high level of data availability. UnyStor Hi Availability integrates all your network storage media - client and server magnetic disks, on-line and off-line optical, DVD, CD drives & jukeboxes, and tape libraries - into a single, centrally managed storage hierarchy, appearing to users and applications as a standard magnetic disk with virtually unlimited storage capacity.