Disaster Recovery

Solutions include Unix disaster recovery, Windows disaster recovery, Image disaster recovery, Novell Netware disaster recovery, complete turnkey network crash recovery (for all Unix, Windows, Linux... clients), software crash recovery, as well as hardware bare metal recovery, etc... All solutions guarantee that your data is protected and can be easily and completely recovered if a complete loss of your system/data occurs, without having to re-install OS, drivers, etc...

  • Bare Metal Plus  Linux  Novell Netware  Unix  Microsoft Windows

    BareMetal Plus is a powerful add-on for any organization that currently possesses a backup solution. It integrates seamlessly with Backup Professional and works with every major manufacturer of backup and restore software (e.g., VRTS, LGTO, CA, Tivoli, etc.) allowing you to rapidly recover without re-loading the operating system prior to beginning your restore with your existing backup software.

  • Data Protection Unit - Disaster Recovery Appliance  Linux  Novell Netware  Unix  Microsoft Windows  Apple Mac OSX

    The Data Protection Unit is a disaster recovery appliance which provides automated backup/restore, integrated bare metal crash recovery and bit-level data protection on removable hard disks allowing you to reinstate your data at a rate of up to 15 times faster than the restore rate of data backed up on tape cartridges.
    The Data Protection Unit brings you data protection in a simplified and integrated solution. The product is a 'turnkey appliance solution' which ships complete with hardware and bundled software optimized and ready for plug-n-play and lights out operation.

  • Networker Recovery Manager  Unix  Microsoft Windows

    Provides bare-metal, boot-level recovery for Windows-based and Unix-based NetWorker servers and clients. Networker Recovery Manager automatically reconfigures drives and reinstalls operating system, reducing time taken to get systems back and operational.
    This software requires the Networker backup software, and provides a completely integrated backup and disaster recovery solution.

  • OFFSite Archive for NetWare  Novell Netware

    OFFSite Archive for NetWare is a disaster recovery solution, which creates a point-in-time recovery image of data at another location. In the event of a local disaster, the remote system can be used to quickly recover the primary serverís critical data and network services.

  • Ultrabac Image Based Disaster Recovery  Microsoft Windows

    UltraBac's Image Disaster Recovery provides local or remote image-based backup and disaster recovery for Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems. It can back up an image of a server's OS partition and recover it after a catastrophic failure in as little as 10 minutes.
    It integrates seamlessly with the easy-to-use, cost effective Ultrabac Backup software, a backup solution for single server environments and small networks.