Optical storage solutions: optical management software, CD servers, DVD servers, magneto optical (MO) jukeboxes/ libraries, WORM drives, DVD-RAM jukeboxes/ libraries, etc...   Direct SCSI connect or Network Attached solution.     Browse below for more details.

Optical hardware

  • NetMate CD & DVD Server
    High performance CD/DVD server - at entry level cost.

  • UDSS Redundant CD & DVD Server
    High capacity CD/DVD server with secure, redundant capabilities.

  • DISC
    DISC is a worldwide leader in the development and production of nearline data storage systems, providing a complete range of storage solutions built around the most reliable storage technologies ever created.

  • Why the need for an optical nearline storage strategy ?

  • Entry to Enterprise Level DVD Jukeboxes  
    Our DVD-Series jukeboxes deliver the best combination of reliability, availability and scalability in a cost-effective storage solution for virtually any application. These units support drives capable of reading and writing DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW. Models range from 120 to 2175 slots and media storage capacities range from 758 GB to 20 TB.
  • Entry to Enterprise Level Magneto-Optical (MO) Jukeboxes  
    MO drives are multi-functional, providing the benefits of both rewritable and WORM technology. They are a great alternative for multi-user, 24x7 network environments. These libraries offer faster access speeds and are considerably less expensive than alternative solutions. MO technology is best suited for fast access and long-term archival for random-access data patterns, especially if a WORM solution is needed. WORM media is unalterable and rated to last 50 years or more, making it the technology of choice for long-term data archival.

More models will be added in near future. Meanwhile, if you'd like more info on the optical products that Unylogix carries, please contact us by phone or or fill our information request form.

Optical management software

We also provide you with software for control and management of optical, CD and DVD servers as well as tape-libraries. All our solutions run on Windows based environments (WindowsNT, Windows2000, WindowsXP) as well as most popular UNIX operating systems including Sun Solaris, HP UX, IBM RS/6000 AIX, SGI Irix, DEC/Compaq Tru64, Linux, etc... Enter here to view a general information on our available solutions and a more detailed description of each product. Or you can click directly from the list below:

  • UnyStor HSM
  • Provides you with a storage management software that lets you access your optical jukeboxes and/or tape libraries as a standard Disk Storage device. Your optical jukebox or tape-library appears as an extension of your standard file system (on Unix or Windows), and can be accessed via a simple "drive letter" assignment. Accessing data is completely transparent to users and existing applications - it is no more difficult than accessing a network disk (for example "disk g") - with the storage management software transparently providing access to data in the optical jukebox or tape library.
  • UnyStor Hi-Availability
  • A storage management software that lets you access your optical jukeboxes and/or tape libraries as a standard Disk Storage device, and provides you with added hi-availability functionality. UnyStor Hi-Availability incorporates a method of maintaining a high level of data availability, with the addition of functionality such as event based mirroring, transaction-logging cache, and a system independent disk format. UnyStor Hi-Availability integrates all your network storage media - client and server magnetic disks, on-line and off-line optical, DVD, CD drives & jukeboxes, and tape libraries - into a single, centrally managed storage hierarchy, appearing to users and applications as a standard magnetic disk with virtually unlimited storage capacity.