Optical management software

Optical software solutions that function with CD, DVD, DVD-RAM, WORM, Magneto Optical (MO) drives and jukeboxes/ libraries.   Software provides virtual (single-letter drive) access to optical jukebox, data archival and data migration capabilities.   Mirrored redundant solutions available.   API (Application Program Interface) for low level access and programming.   Optical jukebox drivers. etc...       Browse below for more details.

IMAGEUnylogix provides a number of advanced storage management software solutions that let organizations choose the type of storage and the manner in which to control their corporate data. Our solutions will let you manage optical or tape storage medium as easily as you can now manage and access any disk drive. Our software are available on Windows, Linux or Unix based platforms.

Traditionally, data in computer systems has been stored on magnetic disk, which provides quick response time, but a limited amount of storage space at a high cost. When the magnetic disk fills up, the information systems manager has to decide whether to buy more magnetic disks at high storage cost, or have users store their information offline. Generally, users don't need all of their data on-line all of the time, because only a small subset of their data is required at any given time. On the average, about 20-30% of the data available accounts for 80% of data use. Information systems managers have noted that the data not required on any given day should be archived, at considerable savings in storage costs.

A comprehensive software solution is needed to manage the availability, reliability,and productivity of an enterprise's distributed resources. Innovative, automated storage management is needed that make heterogeneous networks more efficient and cost effective, allows them to grow while reducing the time and cost required to manage them.

This solution must meet the challenges of today's computing environment, challenges that include:optical management software

    * Explosive growth in amounts of data required and generated
    * Ever faster-growing demand for data storage
    * Escalating costs of storing and maintaining this data
    * Increasing speed with which data must be accessed
    * Necessity to deal with increasingly large and complex networks
    * Need for efficient and reliable data backup
    * Need for continuous access even with equipment failures
    * Need to accommodate new, diverse and much larger storage devices
    * Need to integrate client-based mass storage into storage management

Such a solution is available today. Radically new hardware storage technologies have exploded onto the computer scene. Optical disks, ultra high capacity tapes, CD recordable devices, Digital Video Disks (DVD), advanced jukebox technologies, SAN and NAS, and Fibre Channel connectivity have combined to give you more storage choices than ever before. Traditional concepts of fixed magnetic disks for online storage and a warehouse full of magnetic tapes for backup no longer apply. A revolution in storage technology has begun. Your ability to embrace effectively the new storage technologies lies within the software that powers them. Our solutions provide you with the ability to organize, manage all your data in a seamless fashion from your disk storage - all without burdening your technical resources.

Our Hi-Availability solution also allow your enterprise to have a redundant storage facility for archival and migration of your data. It provides uninterrupted access to your data and protects your valuation information by storing a duplicate copy which is immediately available should the original copy become inacessible. Our Hi-Availability solution will even let you mirror your data across dissimilar media technologies (eg. original copy on optical jukebox, mirrored copy on tape library) and will let you do it in a physically different location whether across the street, across town or half way around the world. You now have full 7x24 access to your data and are also protected against disasters with our software's built-in disaster recovery features.

Optical management software
UnyStor optical management software

UnyStor HSM  Linux  Unix  Microsoft Windows
UnyStor HSM consolidates all of the physical mass storage subsystems on a network - magnetic disk, optical, CD-ROM, DVD, or tape - into a single, hierarchically managed resource, or integral volume, treated as one logical entity. Using this concept, the most recently used data is available on the magnetic disk, providing fast access for users. Less recently used data is stored on optical disks or other archival media and is automatically moved to the magnetic disk if a user accesses it. The movement of data between the magnetic disk and the archival media is completely transparent to the end-users and applications accessing it.

The software's automatic storage management provides the benefits of virtually unlimited storage capacity without sacrificing access time to critical data. The result is a network storage environment that is productive, cost-efficient, and manageable in helping you meet the business goals of your enterprise.

UnyStor Hi-Availability  Linux  Unix  Microsoft Windows
UnyStor Hi-Availability provides you with a high level of data availability, unsurpassed in the area of archived data. Our software seamlessly integrates your optical jukeboxes (CD, DVD, magneto-optical) or tape libraries with the additional functionality of event based mirroring, transaction-logging cache, and a system independent disk format. This allows your valuable data to be accessible 7x24 with the highest availability of any archival product on the market. The data mirroring ensures that at least one copy of your precious data is always safely available - and it will meet all your peformance & safety requirements with our transaction logging cache. Our system independent disk format also means guaranteed portability of data and ensures cross-platform compatibility.

UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD  Linux  Unix  Microsoft Windows
UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD provides the degree of control and performance essential to provide fast access to your company information. Caching technology, minimizing mount points and providing ease of management of varying CD and DVD types makes UnyStor Axxess CD/DVD the obvious choice to control your disk storage.

UnyStor Master CD/DVD  Linux  Unix  Microsoft Windows
UnyStor Master CD/DVD works across the network allowing both System Administrators and privileged clients to harness the power to manage more than just the standalone CD/DVD-R writer. With the UnyStor Master CD/DVD software, users get the ability to manage hundreds or thousands of CD/DVDs, with ease, through an intuitive GUI and advanced management tools.

UnyStor API  Linux  Unix  Microsoft Windows
Whether trapping error messages or issuing low-level jukebox calls, UnyStor API provides the catalyst between the softwares. UnyStor API provides companies with a better control of their optical and tape devices, making low-level SCSI queries to the jukebox controller and/or the drives.

Unylogix also provides jukebox drivers to assist your high data availability and recovery solutions for LAN, WAN, & SAN as well as applications for the Enterprise.

JukeBox Driver  Linux  Unix
Automated jukebox drivers / robotics drivers: for almost any automated storage robotics handler (tape jukeboxes, optical jukeboxes, tape libraries, autoloaders, autochangers, ...) our JukeBox Driver provides you with random access functionality to any SCSI compliant automated tape device.