Performance and Flexibility...Simple as Plug & Play


Direct Network Attach
CD-R/RW Support
DVD-R/RW Support
• Support for NT/2000, Netware, Unix and MAC
TCP/IP and HTTP Support
5 Years Warranty
Parts Guarantee
Factory Customization
Hard Disk Caching
CD Duplication
DVD Duplication
Redundant Power System and Cooling System
Lockable/Detachable Door
Remote Management with SNMP
User Restrictions & Server Authentication
optical storage, CD server, DVD server
Network Attached Optical Storage
Redundant, 7 or 14 bay configurations

The most scalable CD/DVD Solution available today
Legacy is one of the most comprehensive NAS, SCSI & SAN Storage Subsystem available today. Each features was designed for use in the most mission critical environments, but flexible enough to provide a complete spectrum of solutions. This fully featured subsystem is the result of 2 decades of data storage experience. The Chassis was designed to accommodate multiple devices of varying types including disk, optical and tape.

The UDSS family of NAS Servers from Legacy Storage Systems Corp. establishes a new standard in easy-to-use network-ready Storage devices. These new Direct Network Attach Servers allow as many as 14 varying combinations of CDROM, DVDROM, CD-RW, Hard Disk, Magneto Optical and Jaz Drives to be easily networked on an Ethernet Network running NT/2000, Netware, OS/2, Unix and/or MAC. Network models can also be equipped with an optional hard disk cache for the most performance-demanding and high access traffic applications. Installation is fast and simple with immediate access to all Media from most popular operating systems without the need for additional hardware, software or licenses. Each NAS Server can be used as a standalone tower or rack-mounted chassis. Each system attaches directly to any Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Token Ring Network.

Hard Disk Cache Option
The Legacy NAS Serverís Hard Disk Cache Option allows simultaneous access the most popular dataset from designated devices at hard disk speeds. Over 1TB of Disk Cache is possible within each UDSS NAS System. The media are automatically cached upon insertion into the drive or autoloader and the cache is automatically flushed of the information once a CD is ejected. The hard disk cache option makes the Legacy NAS Server line the most versatile and high performing line of NAS Storage Servers available today.


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